A Living/Dining Room Gets A Mid-Century Makeover

When interior designer Ashley Whiteside was approached about helping to redecorate a local family’s living/dining room, she turned to the wisdom she had gained while on the job as lead home stylist at west elm Oklahoma City. “Our training as stylists taught us to highlight the features of [the client’s] style and home,” she says, a rule that became the overarching mentality throughout the design process. The clients had been living in the home for 11 years and already made some impressive decorating decisions. They loved color (exemplified by the wash of pale pink paint that covers the room’s ceiling) and had a taste for Mid-Century style (their dining set made a wonderful jumping-off point). Ashley’s goal was to take these existing features and expand upon them in a way that made the space visually cohesive, comfortable, and, above all, livable. The greatest challenge, as Ashley put it, “was that the fireplace and window across from it were not centered, leaving no natural arrangement that would allow for all parts to make sense. Housing a social living space as well as the dining area together can be done cohesively, but it takes exactly the right pieces along with attention to layout and scale.” Ashley was able to accomplish the goals for the space by selecting sleek Mid-Century-style pieces with small footprints that complemented the preexisting space, creating dedicated areas for both living and dining. Take a peek at the final result below!

Photography by Sarah Baker