“My husband and I recently moved from New York City to Hartford, CT,” culinary influencer Kevin Masse says, “and there is no way to sugar coat it: moving and setting up a new space is hard work.” As with many moves to a new locale, Kevin’s relocation coincided with a career pivot: a shift from a 10-year stint in corporate brand strategy to going solo as a freelance social media consultant. Although the greener pastures of Connecticut and their spacious new abode were a serious upgrade from the cramped quarters of their Greenwich Village studio, Kevin and his husband were now faced with the prospect of their living space doubling as a work spaceā€”a challenge even without the question of square-footage. To make sure he was optimizing his new live/work space to its fullest potential, Kevin sought out the help of the Design Services team at his local west elm store.


west elm - Home Office Makeover

west elm - Home Office Makeover

“Given the Mid-Century tone our space has taken, I knew that west elm would be the perfect place to turn to make my home office vision a reality.” Kevin was teamed up with Andrew and Wendy, two stylists from west elm Hartford, and the three got to work on adding the necessary touches to the home office. “After an initial in-store meeting and sharing some mood boards with them,” Kevin continues, “they took a trip out to our space. They took measurements, worked to understand what my goals were, and then went to the drawing board!” After about a week, Kevin was invited to take a peek at the final plans and the team got to work on installation. The final result is a cohesive look that builds upon Kevin’s pre-existing furniture and textiles (the color scheme was informed by an old Oriental rug that Kevin already had!), allowing the space to move seamlessly from work to play depending on the occasion. Take a peek at the results below!


west elm - Home Office Makeover

west elm - Home Office Makeover

west elm - Home Office Makeover

west elm - Home Office Makeover

west elm - Home Office Makeover

west elm - Home Office Makeover

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January 5, 2017

This space is gorgeous! What a positively stunning workspace. I love that they use one of the shelves as a bar area of sorts. Brilliant!


January 6, 2017

What a gorgeous space, Kevin! S/O to the dogs, Hux and Orlie!


January 7, 2017

Everything about this space is wonderful, you’ve injected lots of personality which is sure to add to inspiring moments at work. My favorite part is the inclusion of the dog bed, now it seems like a real home and not a movie set.

Great job!

Nina Hindsman

January 27, 2017

I need black shelves like that. How do I get those and how much do they cost?


January 29, 2017

This is funny. The “after” photos don’t indicate any improvement over the “before” photos. They just moved some stuff around and added some west elm clutter.


January 30, 2017

I love this workspace! Is the wall unit (shelves, desktop) a West Elm item? I have been looking for a wall system like this! Thank you.

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