Red and green is the go-to color palette of the Holiday season, but we could all use a little shake-up from time to time. Lisa Przystup, the floral designer behind James’s Daughter Flowers decided to have a go at disrupting the traditional poinsettia + mistletoe color scheme we are so accustomed to. “This arrangement draws from the reds of the season,” she says, “but with a paler spin (pink!). I complemented the cool pink of the roses with tones of silvery greys and played with the dark plummy burgundy of the smokebush as a contrast to all the lighter colors.” Find out how to assemble this arrangement yourself below!

west elm - Blush-Tone Floral Arrangement DIY


    Garden roses
    Pink snowberries
    Brunia balls

west elm - Blush-Tone Floral Arrangement DIY


    A small vase with a larger opening
    Roughly a 4 x 4-inch square of chicken wire, the size will depend on the size of your vase. You want it to be large enough to fit snugly into the base of the vase after you shape it in a ball (see instructions below).
    Floral clippers
    Wire cutters (for the chicken wire)

west elm - Blush-Tone Floral Arrangement DIY

1. Cut off a square of chicken wire a few inches long and create a ball in your hands that will fit into the bottom of the vase. Make sure it’s snug and doesn’t budge—this ball will act as the armature of your arrangement. Fill the vase with water. If the vase is made of clear glass, you can also make a grid pattern over the opening with the chicken wire and secure it with tape to keep it hidden.

2. Add your base greens (for this arrangement, the smokebush) to establish an asymmetrical base. Follow it with your statement flower—these are the larger more showstopping blooms—for this holiday arrangement, it’s the roses. Then add your secondary flowers and textures—these fill the arrangement out and compliment the larger blooms.

3. Construct layers and build up. For example, cut one flower long and then trim another just shorter to rest right below the longer flower while simultaneously hiding the stem. Again, there are no hard and fast rules here. Some of the most beautiful arrangements have a lot of negative space and unruly stems sticking out here and there. The general idea is to keep the eye moving. There should be a natural movement to the arrangement that keeps it visually interesting.

4. How do you know it’s done? You just do. When you start to fuss, walk away and return with fresh eyes.

west elm - Blush-Tone Floral Arrangement DIY

west elm - Blush-Tone Floral Arrangement DIY

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Cynthia R. Dickerson

December 22, 2016

What is the source of the vase? Thanks!

Maxwell Tielman

December 28, 2016

Hi, Cynthia! The vase is actually one of our colored mercury candle holders! You can purchase one from the “Shop The Look” carousel above!

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