We’re only days away from Christmas, which means that those of us not braving the airports, trains, and roads are most likely prepping our homes for the arrival of said travelers. We’ve enlisted the help of Nashville stylist Ruthie Lindsey to share some of the details she adds to her guest room to ensure that any company feels right at home in her space.

Ruthie is no stranger to having house guests. “Hosting is one of my favorite things in the world. I don’t have a roommate so this room can be available to anyone passing through or someone who may be in a transition time and needs a place of respite” she explains. “This home is meant to be a gift and a safe place for anyone who needs it, so adding these few things help make people feel welcome and cared for…at least that’s always the hope!” See how Ruthie styled her guest room below!

Photos by Theron Humphrey


“I often joke with folks before they come and say, ‘I’m just warning you, when you come and meet my wonderful friends and experience our little world in Nashville, you are going to want to move here!’ and it’s so true! It happens all the time. My friend Theron who took these photos is one of many folks that passed through, stayed with me for a while and then moved here.”

“I love to have a goodie bag for my guest when they come, filled with things like towels, sparkling water, chocolate, a letter and a local Nashville guide. I make sure to have a drawer of random things they may possibly need (that I usually swipe from nice hotels, ha!).”


“I love adding warmth and texture with lighting, accessories and plants.”



“I always have a nice candle in the room to make it smell inviting and cozy.” 

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Natasha Young

January 7, 2017

Where can I find the beige/ivory Bombay night stand/side table?

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