Stepping inside the Margaux headquarters and showroom in Chelsea, the busy streets of Manhattan feel worlds away. The serene space features plenty of natural light, luxe textures, playful colors + curated decorative accessories. The combination makes you feel as though you’ve stepped into the very chic living room of a friend—exactly what the company’s co-founder’s, Alexa Buckley and Sarah Pierson, were going for. The bespoke nature of the company means that customers spend a little extra time in the space, getting properly measured and selecting the materials and design of their future shoe, so creating a space for customers to relax and enjoy the process is key. Take a tour of the space, and learn more about the inspiration behind Margaux, in the the blog post below.

Photo by Aaron Thompson

Tell us about Margaux and how you got started!
We met in the Fall of 2010 during our Freshman year at Harvard. We became fast friends and lived together sophomore through senior year, while both studying history and government. After spending time working summers in consulting and finance, we were all too familiar with the under-the-desk shoe shuffle from flip flop to heel, back to flip flop. We were convinced that there should be (and could be) a shoe that combined form and function, and ensured that a woman could feel dressed and beautiful – while remaining comfortable – all day long. From there we set out to create the perfect ballet flat: a shoe that can take you any place you want to go, with confidence and chic.


How do you find inspiration for your collections?
We’re inspired by many things – often by art, other designers, or vintage pieces we find along the way. We’re also inspired by our customer, who we believe embodies today’s modern woman. She lives life on the go, and moves fluidly throughout her day from one thing to the next. She’s curious, diverse, and multi-faceted. We’re inspired by her ambition, and hope to create products that take her through each part of her day with style and ease.


What neighborhood is the showroom/studio in?
The studio is in Chelsea – on the north side of 20th Street between 5th and 6th avenues.

What was your inspiration for the showroom?
We wanted customers to feel as thought they’d just stepped into the Margaux world upon entering our showroom. We tried to emphasize color and light – while maintaining a balance between an elevated and warm aesthetic. We had the Margaux girl in mind with every decision we made – from the books in the bookshelves to the scent of candle we burn each day. Customers often comment that it feels as though they’ve just stepped into our living room when they arrive, which we’ve taken as a good sign!


What does an average day at the showroom look like?
There is certainly no average day at Margaux HQ. We’re a small team, and are typically running in a million different directions at once. That said, we’re fortunate to have our office alongside our showroom. This allows us to use the showroom to test new ideas, gather feedback in real time, and all take turns working with our customers! We have people coming in each day to view the collections and get fitted for a pair of our ballerinas. Its exciting to be so close to the action – and inspiring to meet the people we’re designing for.


What do you love most about starting a business in NYC?
New York is the perfect place to start a business like ours. Living in one of the creative epicenters of the world encourages us to push boundaries and continually reinvent ourselves. It also gives us access – access to advisors, to creatives, to press and to peers – that we couldn’t find find anywhere else. We’ve benefited tremendously from building Margaux in such a dynamic environment, and consider ourselves lucky to be here.





Photos by Kenneth B. Edwards unless otherwise noted

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