Throughout our cohabitation 101 series, Taylor Spellman, cohost of Bravo TV’s new show Yours, Mine or Ours, has shared her tips for successfully living with your significant other. We’ve covered how to merge both party’s belongings + how to decorate your new space to reflect both of your tastes. In our last installment, Taylor dishes on how to successfully manage your new, shared home (who takes the trash out? Who vacuums?). Get Taylor’s tips below and be sure to watch the show Mondays at 10/9c!


First and foremost, figure out who does what when it comes to chores. In the initial excitement of moving in together even mundane tasks like taking out the trash seem like a real blast. That gets old real quick so make sure you lay the groundwork correctly of who does what and don’t get blinded by the initial excitement of playing house.

Set yourself up for success by putting a system in place. The hamper is there for dirty clothes, the entryway table is there for mail and keys so that certain things are in their place. Life is messy enough as it is. Make your new home a safe haven that doesn’t add stress to what’s already a chaotic existence.


Okay so now you’ve moved in, decorated, determined who does what chores and set up a real home. The last step is to remember to preserve and honor your private space. Your partner will do some weird and annoying things and that’s just a fact. So be prepared by having a space to retreat to and restore in. Good luck Lovers!!


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A skilled interior designer and staging expert, Taylor Spellman has an impressive stable of clients, including Ryan Serhant from “Million Dollar Listing New York.” Her vast portfolio of real estate heavy hitters and private clients entrust her and her firm, TAYLOR SPELLMAN New York, to design their multi-million dollar properties. An average day for Spellman involves upwards of 30 million dollars’ worth of real estate under her direction. She has the unique and unteachable talent of mixing high end one of a kind pieces with treasures found on an afternoon in the Goodwill. Whether she is designing a 10 million dollar penthouse, the lobby of a luxury high rise or a showroom for a fashion client, her penchant for witty banter paired with her signature bold design style has made her a standout in the design community at large.

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