A “Secret Supper” at the foot of Mount Hood

As summer finally comes to a close and friends begin to return home from their various vacation destinations, we always find ourselves shifting out of day-at-the-beach mode and into dinner-at-home mode. After all, fall’s crisp days and cool nights present wonderful opportunities for gatherings of friends. Even if we aren’t hosting or attending these events ourselves, we are always down for living vicariously through those who are. Our friends Christiann Koepke, Eva Kosmas Flores, and Danielle Firle recently hosted an outdoor dinner that is satiating our entertaining-craving from afar.

Christiann, Eva, and Danielle are the founders of Secret Suppers, a series of events that celebrate friends, food, nature, and the Portland, OR region. Each supper, true to its name, is hosted at a secret location, disclosed only 24 hours prior to the event. Their most recent, nicknamed “Thicket,” took place on a wooded property at the foot of Oregon’s Mount Hood. The trio collaborated with regional caterers Tournant on a menu of Middle Eastern fare. The meal was served at a low table constructed of vintage doors and surrounded by pillows and blankets for a casual, intimate affair.

“Hosting outdoor Suppers in the Pacific Northwest year-round can be tricky,” Christiann says, “especially with rain clouds often looming nearby, but we can’t help but be adventurous! Just before the Supper started at 6 pm, the clouds broke free and the sun shone through! Minutes before in fact, and we were so blessed to have a beautiful, rain free evening.” Take a peek at Christiann + Eva’s photos of the event below!


Developed by Christiann Koepke, Eva Kosmas Flores, and ​Jaret Foster and Mona Johnson of Tournant


Marionberry Sage Aviation Gin Spritzer

Pea hummus on pita with dill creme fraiche, chevre + microgreens

Charred broccoli, caramelized fennel, feta, + asparagus mini-skewers


COR Winery, Alba | Gewurztraminer/Pinot Gris

Middle Eastern Wedge Salad

Little gem lettuces with za’atar ‘ranch’ dressing, feta, dates, and pistachios


Syncline Winery, Mourvedre

Northwest Fresh Fattoush with pita, snap peas, radishes, sorrel, mint + sumac

Honey Harissa Roasted Carrots + Turnips with labneh, preserved lemon + rose

Duo of Whole Fire-Roasted Lamb + Shawarma Spiced Braised Lamb


Analemma Winery, Atavus Gewürztraminer

Rhubarb Rose Ice Cream with Pistachio Shortbread Cookies

Above photos by Eva Kosmas Flores

Above photos by Christiann Koepke