Hey there! It’s Rachel from The Crafted Life here to share my recent living room revamp! This is my first apartment in Philadelphia after moving from Portland, OR. Because I moved across the country, I left a lot of items behind and ended up in Philly with mismatched pieces. None of it really made sense together and in the end made my living room feel chopped up and empty.

My goal for the space was to bring in a lot of color without making it feel overwhelming since it’s one of the main areas of the apartment. I also wanted enough seating for entertaining guests. A sectional sofa not only helped fill the awkward corner,but it provides more places for people to sit. Plus I’ve been wanting a sectional for years so it was well worth the splurge and is my favorite item in the room.

It took me about 10 months to finish decorating the space, but I’m so glad that I was patient. It allowed me to go big and save for those more expensive items and really get the right art for the gallery wall. When you take your time, you’re more likely to end up with pieces you’ll love forever, verses those that you just like in the moment.

Ultimately, the biggest challenge for me was balancing the feeling of just wanting to finish the space with the desire to have it done right. In the end, I’m so happy with how everything
came together and wouldn’t change a thing!










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vickie ngo

May 8, 2017

hi where is the rug from

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