If you’re looking to personalize your vases, but don’t trust yourself with paint, then you’ll want to try this easy DIY solution: temporary tattoos! Temporary tattoos have come a long way since we were kids. Artist like Rifle Paper Co are creating beautiful ones (which I used for this project), or you can even make your own!

west elm - Temporary Tattoo Vase DIY


    ceramic vase
    temporary tattoo
    decoupage (optional)

west elm - Temporary Tattoo Vase DIY

You’ll apply the tattoo to the vase just like you would if you were putting it on your skin. Peel the plastic off of the front of the tattoo then position design side facing down. Applying with firm pressure, hold a damp sponge in place on the back for about 30-45 seconds. Peel the paper away and let vase air dry.

west elm - Temporary Tattoo Vase DIY

If you want the design to last, I suggest applying a few coats of Martha Stewart’s decoupage to seal the tattoo. Or, let’s say you just wanted to decorate the vase for a party. Leave the tattoo as is so that it will be removable later (just use acetone).

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August 24, 2016

Where is that wallpaper from? I am OBSESSED!

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