Like adopting a dog or getting a tattoo, purchasing a sofa is a commitment—a decision that should be made judiciously after exploring all the options. If you’re in the market for a sofa, you might be all too aware of the questions that need to be answered before making a final choice. What size makes the most sense for my space? How do I determine the best color for my style? Is my cat going to destroy this? We posed these questions and more to our in-house interior stylist Johanna Mele. Here’s what she had to say.

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west elm - How To Choose The Right Sofa For Your Home
Peggy Sectional


First things first, determine where you want to put your sofa. Make sure to assess any existing architectural conditions that may impede with getting your sofa inside. Double check door widths, elevator cabs, and any tricky turns you may have to get around, including up stairs. Already have a sofa in mind? Determine whether its construction allows for disassembly—removing cushions, legs, and arms helps you maneuver in tight spots.

Pro tip: Take your measuring tape out and measure the footprint of the potential sofa location. Tape off the perimeter of your measurements with painter’s tape to help you visualize how much room the piece will take up.


    Loveseats + Settees

    Also known as 2-seaters, loveseats + settees offer comfort and style without overwhelming a room. They’re often seen with two individual cushions or one long bench cushion. Pro tip: they can also be used at the foot of a bed. Shop loveseats.


    Perfect for a more traditional living room arrangement, 55″-65″ sofas are still conducive for small spaces, while 65″-75″ —or wider—sofas can anchor a larger room. Shop sofas.

    Small Sectionals

    Limited on space but want the benefits of a sectional? Go for a small sectional. Its chaise component provides plenty of comfy seating, ideal for entertaining + family lounging alike. Shop small sectionals.

    Large Sectionals

    Best suited for open floor plans, a large sectional anchors a room and can
    function as a space divider, separating the living area from the dining or kitchen. Made of modular pieces, it configures into several shapes—we love how an ottoman can function as a chaise or coffee table. Shop large sectionals.

    Sleeper Sofas

    Opt for a sleeper sofa, also known as a pull-out sofa, if you’re looking to add that extra function to your living space. They’re available in twin, full and queen sizes. Shop sleeper sofas. Shop sleeper sofas.

west elm - How To Choose The Right Sofa For Your Home

Finn Loveseat


Sofas are often the biggest statement in your living room, so choosing a color that makes sense for your space is important.

Want something that allows for constant change and versatility? A neutral sofa is a must. It will follow you through changing trends and a constantly evolving palette. Want a new look? Simply swap out your throw pillows!

Want to make more of a statement? A vibrant cayenne will instantly warm up the space and provide an eye-catching pop of color.

Want to toe the line between the style of an eye-popping color and the versatility of a neutral tone? You’ll want to go with a blue or a green. They’re neutral enough to work with any color scheme, but chromatic enough to provide an unexpected visual treat.

west elm - How To Choose The Right Sofa For Your Home

Modern Chesterfield Sofa


Determine how much wear and tear your sofa will get to select the best upholstery fabric.

Have pets or kids? High performance textiles like luster velvet and chenille tweeds are easy to clean and are very forgiving—the fibers are primarily synthetic, which helps resist stains and abrasion.

Linen blends are great for a casual, yet refined look. Primarily a natural and synthetic mix, the provide and organic look and feel.

Twills are the best of both worlds: they provide an organic feeling with the durability of a performance textile. They also tend to provide a handsome, tailored look.

Want something that will only get better with age? Our leather sofas come with a slight pre-worn look and over-time will just accumulate more character. Like a great pair of jeans, leather changes in tone according to use and tells a story of its ownership over time. A plus: it’s also perfect for all seasons!


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September 18, 2018

Which brands of sofa at westelm are firm or semi-firm? This is the only information I find hard to find on the website. Any tips or help would be greatly appreciated.

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