In The Studio with Lio & Linn

It’s common knowledge that apartments in New York City are slightly larger than shoe boxes. It might not be surprising to know that when it comes to studio space, the same rules tend to apply. Given the limited square footage that New Yorkers have to tolerate for both living and working, it’s astounding just how much they can fit into these spaces. Take, for example, the studio of Masumi Hayashi and Ryu Iida, the founders of Lio & Linn.

Known for their multidisciplinary approach—Masumi is a trained graphic designer and metalworker, Ryu a noted woodworker with years of experience in furniture design—the duo is constantly at work on dozens of projects at once. Their line touches upon all aspects of one’s life: unisex jewelry, tabletop items, decorative art, and custom home furnishings. Despite the grand scope of their production, the Bushwick studio from which Masumi and Ryu most typically work is decidedly small in scale. Barely more than 100 square feet in size, the duo still manages to fit a staggering amount of their work in this industrial space. Wooden wall hangings line the painted cinder block walls, display cases opposite large factory-style windows house samples of Masumi’s jewelry designs, rows of boxes store the molds used to create small serving spoons, four compact tables act as work surfaces for Masumi’s metalwork. The space might be small, but it is big on infectious creative energy. Take a peek at Lio & Linn’s studio below and pick up some of their handcrafted products at west elm DUMBO.