They say that there is more than one way to skin a cat. We can’t say that we have any experience in that arena (nor would we condone such behavior), so we’d like to take this moment to provide a more suitable, feline-friendly update to this proverb: there is more than one way to make your bed. Five, in fact, if you ask the stylists who work on our catalogs. Take a look below to see how you can bring high style to your bedroom—just by rearranging your pillows! Long live cats, long live your bed! Shop bedding here.

west elm - 5 Ways To Style Your Bed


If “less is more” is your mantra, this look is for you. Lay standard-sized pillows horizontally, one on top of the other for an unfussy, but effortlessly chic look. Visual interest can be added by bringing in color and adding a single decorative pillow to top it off.

west elm - 5 Ways To Style Your Bed


A slightly more dramatic version of the “Minimalist” look, this adds dynamism to your bed’s composition while still keeping things simple. Soften the look by incorporating a muted color scheme of pastels and blush. A throw flung on the corner of the bed brings in extra drama.

west elm - 5 Ways To Style Your Bed

Easy Going

This no-frills look will make you want to jump right in. With standard, solid colored pillows acting as the base for the composition, other pillows are laid on top in a slouched, unceremonious manner. Allow the ends of shams to drape loosely at the pillow’s edges and choose decorative pillow styles that accentuate this languid style.

west elm - 5 Ways To Style Your Bed

Prim & Proper

Do you need to do things just right? This clean-lined, neatly-tucked look is perfect for you. Create a bold composition by employing symmetry and incrementally sized pillows—Euro shams in the back, standard shams in the middle, and a king sham in front to anchor the entire look. Create contrast and a sense of depth by increasing the darkness of the pillows as they come forward.

west elm - 5 Ways To Style Your Bed


Bring romance and a sense of whimsy to your bedroom by mixing an assortment of pillow sizes and styles. Incorporate a combination of textures and materials and choose a color palette of complementary colors to tie everything together. Pillows with more intricate patterns and ornamentation should be kept to a minimum and used as accents towards the front of your composition.

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