It has been proven that cute, furry animals of the canine variety can lower stress levels and, well, generally make you a happier, more loving human being. If you like the sound of becoming a better person (who doesn’t!), then you’re going to love the sound of a pack of little puppy paws running through the doors at west elm. Yep, that’s right, west elm Australia is doing its bit to make this world a better place by hosting a Pup Party!

One might ask, “Apart from patting puppies, what goes on at a puppy party anyway?”. Good question! There’ll be a pup-up market featuring pooch-friendly goodies from our hand-picked artisans, on-the-spot prizes for the most dashing of dogs, and a photobooth, too! Not to mention appearances from special guests: Sophia the Boston Terrier, Captain the Weimaraner, and Doogs the Golden Retriever.

Read on to meet them:

MR Jason Grant Sophia

According to Sophia’s owner, stylist + author Mr Jason Grant, Sophia likes long walks along Bondi beach followed by a nap, preferably on her “special spot” (= Horizontal Double Rib Throw + sofa).

Tom & Captain

Captain’s owner Tom, of dog-walking business Tom + Captain, says he is an emotional dog who likes to steal other people’s seats. “If someone has to get up from the couch to get something, Captain will sneakily rush over to take their spot before they get back, going straight to sleep so the person feels extra guilty about trying to move him.”

Heather Nette King

While Doogs is a rugged type who likes to smile and sunbake, says his owner stylist + writer Heather Nette King. Walking is his biggest weakness: “there is nothing better than an airing for Doogs. He does lots of meaningful glaring and petulant sighing if he hasn’t been walked that day.”

Tempted yet?

The party will take place at west elm Bondi, west elm Chapel St + west elm Brisbane on Saturday, 28 May, from 11am – 3pm and is open to all fur babies, owners of fur babies, and people who are just dog OBSESSED! See more details HERE.

Words by Karlie Verkerk
Photography by Jacqui Turk (Sophia), Mike Baker (Doogs) + On Jackson Street (Captain)

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