“I think other places that I’ve lived, you can feel frustrated on a daily basis,” artist and designer Tippy Tippens says. “But here, I tend to feel calm, and happy, and inspired.” The here Tippy is speaking of is New Orleans, the city that she now calls home. Tippy is probably most well known for her BirdProject Soap—hand soaps created to aid in the cleanup efforts of the oil spill that affected the region in 2010. A simple yet ingenious design, the oil-like black outer layer of the soaps can be washed away to reveal a white ceramic bird figurine, handmade from Louisiana Clay. Although this particular project was inspired by a trying time in New Orlean’s history, Tippy has found no limit to the positive inspiration she finds in the city every day. Tippy took some time to take us un a bike tour to some of her favorite places in NOLA—from Royal Street to the sculpture garden at the New Orleans Museum of Art. Hop along below!

The Route

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Josh @ The Kentucky Gent

April 20, 2016

Was just talking about visiting NOLA last night over dinner – looks like I need to get on it sooner rather than later.

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