Wall hangings? Très chic. Learning to weave one yourself? Très complicated. When DIY maven Molly Madfis started decorating her bedroom, she knew she wanted to incorporate a lightweight wall hanging above the bed for some added texture. The only problem? Weaving was not in her wheelhouse. Not to be dissuaded by this minor detail, Molly came up with this ingeniously simple take on textile art that uses only a dowel, some yarn, and a pair of scissors. Find out how to make one of your own below!

west elm - DIY Wall Hanging by Molly Madfis

DIY Wall Hanging

    Wood Dowel

west elm - DIY Wall Hanging by Molly Madfis

Step 1. Decide on the width that you want your wall hanging, and cut your dowel down if necessary.

Step 2. Hang your dowel on a wall, or between two chairs — which will make it easier to work on.

west elm - DIY Wall Hanging by Molly Madfis

Step 3. Cut a piece of yarn double the length of the height you want each piece. Tie the piece using a larks head knot, which means you fold your piece in half over the dowel, and then bring both ends through the fold. The same way you’d put a luggage tag on your suitcase. Tighten and repeat until you’ve covered your whole dowel.

west elm - DIY Wall Hanging by Molly Madfis

Step 4. Carefully trim the ends in the pattern you want, go long at first in case. Don’t worry about making your ends too uniform, they’ll end up looking like a hedge if you do.

west elm - DIY Wall Hanging by Molly Madfis

Step 5. To hang, mark the wall on each side of your dowel with a pencil, and hang the wall hanging by resting the dowel over the nails.

west elm - Tech Device Cover with Molly Madfis

Molly writes the blog Almost Makes Perfect, which is all about simple, modern and functional DIYs that anyone can do, no matter their skills. Her work has been featured on Better Homes and Garden, The Huffington Post, Domino Magazine and more. She lives in Los Angeles where she instagrams her cats and her house on the regular.

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November 29, 2017

Love this! Where did you get your bedding from?

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