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As an art director and designer, California-based Julia Kostreva has an advantage when it comes to social media. She’s really good at communicating through images. But even she gets a little stressed when it comes to managing all those accounts. Her advice? Take your time and do great work…the rest will follow.

Julia’s a maker in our LOCAL program, so we asked her to share her favorite tips with our community. Her amazing response: “I feel like it’s more meaningful to talk about what social media means to me rather than any tips on how I do it.” Thanks, Julia, for your honesty and openness! And that’s just the beginning…

Fun Comes First

I try to do fun projects that I truly love and only spend time on social media where I most enjoy it. I feel a very real connection when we share with others what actually resonates with us. When I’m online, that’s what I look for—the realness in people and fun, sincere projects.

Good Things Take Time

Keep at it! I’m not a pro photographer by any means, but after doing this for a few years, I’ve noticed the quality of my photographs and my writing has gotten a little better with practice over the years. That’s right, years. This is something that you’ll be doing for a long time.

Quality Over Quantity

In all situations, quality always wins over quantity. Within my community, I’ve noticed that if I share something I really care about with a genuine voice I engage more people to like, share, or comment on posts. As far as press and online coverage, better photos have really worked for me.

Ask For Help

A couple times a year I hire professional photographers or trade with photographer friends, and those professional photos are something I first share with blogs before posting on my website and social media. Truly inspiring images will snowball on Pinterest and Tumblr for years to come. Years, remember that. So, if you just can’t muster daily or weekly posts, I’d suggest trying something different. Invest in a professional photographer seasonally to document your work so that you can schedule a roll-out of those photos over time.

Breathe Through the Buzz

If you’re like me, I think we’ve all gone a little too tech crazy and the constant buzz of social media just stresses me out! I think we can take a deep sigh of relief right now. The best advice I’ve ever received was: If you do great work, the rest will slowly follow. Focus on making great work. It doesn’t happen overnight. Our job is to do what we love, to make a truly great product, and then share our process, our life, our interests, and what we’ve created with others. Be real!

Thanks, Julia! To learn more, visit juliakostreva.com or shop her art at west elm.

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