Matisse-inspired DIY art | west elm

What’s the best kind of bragging moment? The one when you can tell visitors that the artwork on your walls was made by your fair hands! Pretty cool right?! With the help of Rachel Smith, the prolific, pink-haired proprietor of The Crafted Life, now’s your opportunity to get arty with these Matisse-inspired DIY art.

Matisse-inspired DIY art | west elm

Matisse-inspired DIY art | west elm

Time: 30 minutes
Materials: colored construction paper, scissors, mod podge, brush

Step 1

    Remove the mat from your frame and trace onto your construction paper. This helps make sure that you don’t make shapes larger than the actual frame space. You can either sketch out your idea beforehand or just go for it with the scissors depending on your confidence level. The smaller the scissors, the more intricate you can get with your shape. The beauty about this project is that can create so many different shapes, there’s no way to mess it up!

Matisse-inspired DIY art | west elm

Step 2

    Trim your construction paper that you’re mounting your cutout onto to fit your frame. Once everything is cut out, apply a thin layer of Mod Podge on the back of your shape and press in place. For placement, it helps to lay the mat on top of the background paper so you can get a since of how it’ll look in the frame.

Matisse-inspired DIY art | west elm

Step 3

    Let dry, frame, and hang! Just like that, you have new art for your home within a half hour.

Matisse-inspired DIY art | west elm

Rachel Smith of The Crafted Life

Rachel loves do-able DIYS and strives to make crafting easy, colorful and fun over on her blog The Crafted Life. Her work has been featured on Martha Stewart Living, Better Homes and Garden, The Huffington Post, and more. When she’s not on Pinterest, or brushing glitter out of her hair, you can find her exploring and Instagramming in Philadelphia, PA.

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