West Elm - Sumi Ink Paintings

If you’ve flipped through our most recent catalog, you have likely come across rooms outfitted not just with our awesome Industrial-style furnishings, but some super cute black + white ink-on-paper paintings.

Like here:

And here:

And here!

Très chic, non?

Well, after a quick chat with our catalog stylists, it turns out that these lovely paintings are not just beautiful, but beyond easy and affordable to make. Here’s what you’ll need:

West Elm - Sumi Ink Paintings

    Watercolor paper
    Sumi Ink
    Assorted large-sized brushes
    A bowl

West Elm - Sumi Ink Paintings

1. Place a drop cloth or a similar protective covering over your floor. Lay out your watercolor paper and pour a small amount of sumi ink into a bowl.

West Elm - Sumi Ink Paintings

2. Dip brush lightly into sumi ink and apply in broad strokes to your water color paper. As you continue to apply paint, the brush will dry and produce transparencies and striations.

West Elm - Sumi Ink Paintings

3. Have some fun with it! Depending on the size of your brush and the amount of ink applied, you can yield different and beautiful results!

4. Allow each painting to dry thoroughly, then frame or simply hang with white masking tape for a more casual look.

West Elm - Sumi Ink Paintings

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January 30, 2016

I loved this DIY!!! Thanks for posting it. I just tried it at home.

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