West Elm - How To Make The Bed

Making the bed is a daily (ok, sometimes daily) task that has vexed humanity for what seems like eons. While the process of neatly arranging your bed linens is simple enough in theory, that doesn’t stop it from confounding many a would-be bed-maker. How much bedding is too much? What’s the best way to fit a flat sheet? What does a flat sheet even do?? If you have found yourself asking similar questions, have no fear! We’re here to set the bed-making record straight, with 4 simple steps that will make you a pro in no time!

West Elm - How To Make The Bed

Fitted Sheet

More or less self-explanatory, putting down your fitted sheet is the first step to making the perfect bed. (Folding it up for storage is a different matter, though! Find out how to perfectly fold your fitted sheets here!)

West Elm - How To Make The Bed

West Elm - How To Make The Bed

Flat Sheet

A flat sheet is a great way to provide additional warmth and a clean layer between you and your comforter. Start off by laying your flat sheet on top of your mattress, allowing the remaining length of it to drape off the end of the bed. Tuck the remaining length underneath and then fold the edges under the same way you would a gift you were wrapping. Continue tucking the remainder of the sides under. Shop all sheet sets.

West Elm - How To Make The Bed


For colder months, a comforter or duvet is a must-have! Place atop your flat sheet and fold over at the head of the bed. (Don’t forget to protect your comforter with a nice duvet cover! Find out how to put one on here!)

Blanket + Finishing Touches!

For a final touch, keep a blanket or quilt folded at the edge of the bed. It’s perfect for adding additional warmth when partnered with your duvet or acting as a lighter alternative on its own during the summer. Shop quilts and coverlets.

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Frederic E Kahler

June 23, 2016

This is one of the most ridiculous how-to’s ever! Utterly misleading, uninspired, and tired. Ugh!

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