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As a society we are now, more than ever, understanding the idea that our workspace is important — being comfortable and inspired, especially when working in the design industry, is essential. Small business owner, Amanda Franz of Wide Eyes Paper Co. kept this in mind when designing her first rustic chic office in San Diego. See for yourself!

Photography by Let’s Frolic Together

“This space really holds a special place in my heart as I feel it completely embodies my personal style and the rustic and whimsical style of my design work. My goal for the space was to create a warm and welcoming environment for myself as well as clients who come to my office.”

“The space has some really unique, hand crafted elements to it. One of my favorite touches to the office is the reclaimed wood panel- ing I had custom made for my space. This is seen through the sitting area and behind my work area. The wood was all cut to different sizes and fire torched — so no piece is alike.”

“As a creative, my office space is an extremely important part of my work flow. I not only see it as a place to get my work done, but aim to achieve an emotional and personal experience that keeps me inspired to keep creating. Therefore, each corner of my office was carefully crafted and thought out without compromising function for aesthetics.”

A Rustic Chic San Diego Office | west elm

Amanda Franz is the owner of custom wedding stationery company, Wide Eyes Paper Co, now based in Portland. She studied graphic design at Point Loma Nazarene University in San Diego, California and shortly after graduation, landed her first design job. After working for a small business owner in the industry, Amanda was inspired to start her own company, Wide Eyes Paper Co. Connect with her on Instagram!

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Monica Lavin

January 18, 2016

I absolutely love this rustic office! I know that the environment you create in your office is extremely important, but it can be so easy to overlook. I really like how there are so many different hand crafted pieces used here. Thanks for the inspiration and I hope you love your office!


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