The holidays are about many things — family, friendship, giving, and more. But a prominent trend this time of year is entertaining — and everyone knows the best hosts are those who have a stocked and decorated bar.

While indulging in hard drinks is a trend not just during the holidays but also during the year, we tend to quite literally spice up our alcohol throughout the month of December. Be it eggnog or hard cider, our liquor — like our home —likes to get into the holiday spirit. Or should we say spirits?

Thankfully for us, home designers Tara Mangini + Percy Bright of Jersey Ice Cream Co. have given us some holiday home bar decor inspiration so that your holiday party has the right amount of holiday spice.

“Percy built the wood bar/shelves in the bar photos into a nook in the living that was being used as a really sad office space. It instantly looked right at home, and at this point, it’s hard to believe that it hasn’t been there for years.”

“The couple we are working for love to entertain, so we built this with the thought that it could serve as a dry bar for parties and dinners. Only seemed right to give it a test run!”

“The wood set the tone in my mind for sort of a classy cocktail party, so that’s what I went for. You can’t go wrong with brass and wood, but some pops of red and evergreens from an afternoon walk give it that holiday feel. Evergreens are so intrinsically tied to the holidays, it’s such an easy way to evoke that feeling. Honestly, tie a spruce branch up over your bed, and voila. Christmas decorations.”

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Jersey Ice Cream Co

Tara Mangini and Percy Bright are the couple behind Jersey Ice Cream Co. They believe in craftsmanship, timelessness, and leaving things better than they found them. They do not make ice cream, but will happily have some if you’re offering. Follow them on Instagram and Pinterest.

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December 3, 2015

This is so beautifully styled! I love the idea of a cocktail soirée, especially on a cozy night during the winter.


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