The stocking-festooned mantel is an image that goes hand-in-hand with the holiday season. Many homes, however, especially newer ones, are without this traditional architectural element. If you find yourself mantel-less this holiday, have no fear! Caitlin and Manda from The Merrythought have come up with a beautiful (and crazy simple) way to get in on all of the stocking-hanging action! Check out the project below!

Branch Stocking Display

    Greenery (we used eucalyptus)
    Floral wire
    Fishing line or string
    Hammer & small nails

West Elm + The Merrythought - DIY Branch Stocking Display

If needed, cut branch to size. Attach greenery to branch by wrapping a length of floral wire around branch and greenery stems. Once it is securely wrapped, twist both ends of the wire together and fold over on the back side of the branch.  If needed, add small nails to branch for stockings to hang from. Cut two lengths of fishing line for hanging the branch and tie around branch near each end. Hammer nails into the wall. Tie tight loops at the end of each line and hang from nails. Once branch is secure, hang your stockings!

West Elm + The Merrythought - DIY Branch Stocking Display

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West Elm + The Merrythought

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Nathalia A. Mellies

December 1, 2015

Beautiful idea! Where are the stockings from? I could not locate them on the West Elm site. Please and thank you!

Maxwell Tielman

December 2, 2015

Hi, Nathalia! The stockings are west elm, but they sold out fast! We still have a number of different styles in stock, though!

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