Tara Mangini and Percy Bright are not your typical interior designers. Their business, Jersey Ice Cream Company (nothing to do with ice cream, sorry dessert fans) is renowned for the signature charm and dare-we-say magic that the couple imparts on every space they touch. A combination of rustic simplicity, modern glamour, and dreamworld fantasy pervades their work, creating an aesthetic that is both undefinable and wholly their own. The real kicker, though? Although Tara and Percy have gained a following for the stunning homes that they create, they don’t have one of their own. Quite literally nomadic designers, these two travel from home to home like decor-obsessed Kris Kringles, setting up camp and leaving dazzling works of art in their wake.

At the moment, Tara and Percy have settled into an old 1765 house in Upstate New York, a location where they will be spending the next several months renovating, painting, and decorating. “It already has a ton of charm and character,” Tara notes, “but we’re updating some things like the kitchen and bathrooms, adding some functionality to some nooks and empty corners, tying together the design a bit more and bringing in some additional textures, wood shelves, built-in seating, wallpaper, bead board, plaster—all of our favorites.” The project kicked off in August and will take the couple through the Holidays. Although they are knee-deep in renovation projects, Tara and Percy set aside some time to bring some seasonal charm into their temporary home, beginning with a warmth-filled Holiday bedroom. Check out the photos of this delightful space below!

“This is a guest room on the second floor that feels like an attic loft in the best way,” Tara says. “The ceiling was already blown out like that when we got there and looked pretty great, but was painted blue with exposed beams, which sounds cool but wasn’t. We painted the whole room white and Percy added the built-in window seats and nooks next to the bed. I almost forgot we had added until I wrote this, because they seem so original to the space!”

“In gathering things for the space, I really stuck to a soft color palette, but wasn’t afraid to get a little girly with silver vases, pink blankets and things like that. Sometimes, you’ve just got to embrace that feminine side! Dried flowers are such a beautiful way to decorate. They’ve got some intrinsic romance to them, a gorgeous color palette and they can last until flowers start popping up again.”

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Jersey Ice Cream Co

Tara Mangini and Percy Bright are the couple behind Jersey Ice Cream Co. They believe in craftsmanship, timelessness, and leaving things better than they found them. They do not make ice cream, but will happily have some if you’re offering. Follow them on Instagram and Pinterest.

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November 30, 2015

Love the rustic, homey vibe!!!! http://Www.northofchic.com


January 18, 2016


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