Before + After Gaby Dalkin's Office | west elm

Gaby Dalkin, founder of What’s Gaby Cookin, does a lot of work in her studio, but her office is equally important as it is where she conceptualizes future projects.

Where Gaby works is important — it should capture her California Girl mood but also provide enough space and structure to foster creativity. Read on to see what Gaby’s office looked like after its makeover and how it has impacted her work.

Before + After Gaby Dalkin's Office | west elm

What was your office space like before?

I wouldn’t even call it much of a space! it was totally bare — I had a desk and a big clunky office chair with a giant bookcase and all my cookbooks. It didn’t have any personality and I kept putting off decorating week after week. Procrastination at its finest!


Before + After Gaby Dalkin's Office | west elm

How has the new office space impacted your work flow?

It’s bright, light, clean, and I actually enjoy being in my office. Before I’d work from the dining room or kitchen, and now it’s great that I have a space dedicated to running What’s Gaby Cooking that’s free from distractions — like BravoTV!

Before + After Gaby Dalkin's Office | west elm

What challenges were there, if any, when re-creating the space?

It’s not huge — so we really had to maximize the space and pick and choose what items we wanted to use. My West Elm bookcase is one of my favorite parts because it doubles as this beautiful container to put all my cookbooks in, but it’s also almost a piece of art as we color coordinated the books and really made the bookcase come to life! It’s the first thing everyone comments on when they come into the office!

Before + After Gaby Dalkin's Office | west elm

What is your favorite part of the new office?

Oh that’s like asking me to pick my favorite child — even though I don’t have any kids, I feel like this is what people must feel like! It’s a 50/50 toss us between my bookcase and the light fixture. The light fixture is the first light fixture I’ve ever owned – I’ve always just settled for whatever my apartment came with and I didn’t know how much personality and spunk a light fixture could provide! I’m a total believer in fun light fixtures from here on out and I’m patiently waiting until it’s time to do my living room + dining room and give them the same pizazz my office now has!

Before + After Gaby Dalkin's Office | west elm

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Gaby Dalkin is a cookbook author, private chef and food/lifestyle writer based in Los Angeles. Her food blog, What’s Gaby Cooking is a playful, fun, inspiring, sun-soaked destination for everyone who aspires to live the California Girl life. Over on What’s Gaby Cooking she’s all about being healthy, fit and adventurous, but also real. She loves a juice cleanse, but she’ll never say no to the occasional grilled cheese. She’s big on finding balance, because whether you’re cooking, cocktailing or traveling, it all benefits from a creative, can-do mentality that teeters on the edge of planned and spontaneous, practical and a little bit quirky. Follow Gaby on Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook.

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