#ByMyBed: The Story Behind Our Nightstands

A nightstand is much more than a piece of furniture placed next to our bed.

What we keep by our bed can say a lot about who we are. Often times it holds the book we are currently reading, sometimes a favorite snack, and occasionally a familiar scented candle. All of these things, no matter how small, speak to our interests and personality.

In an effort to help show people’s personalities through their nightstands, we launched #ByMyBed. Below are some we found particularly inspiring.

Photographer and lifestyle blogger behind Cotra Studio, Coco Tran’s nightstand currently consists of peppermint tea, a lit candle, and a good read- the life changing magic of tidying up by Marie Kondo.

#ByMyBed: The Story Behind Our Nightstands

Lifestyle blogger Kayla Seah keeps a Tuscan Fig Candle from Atelier Lumira Fragrance House, “The Interestings” by Meg Wolitzer, a notebook for random ideas, and an antique dish from Paris that holds her favorite rings.

#ByMyBed: The Story Behind Our Nightstands

Gabriel Cabrera tends to have juice (though it’s usually coffee), and some inspiration on his nightstand to start his mornings.

#ByMyBed: The Story Behind Our Nightstands

Songwriter Eric Leva juxtaposes his blank white walls with a statement side table for his bed side. Clearly present is his passion for music.

#ByMyBed: The Story Behind Our Nightstands

#ByMyBed: The Story Behind Our Nightstands

Meg Quinn shows off her love for styling, design, and her cat by keeping Emily Henderson’s new book, a cherished souvenir from Cuba, and Draper Kitty within inches of her bed.

#ByMyBed: The Story Behind Our Nightstands

Lidiya Marchenko shows us her sophisiticated and clean New York style with two mis-matched nightstands topped with a clock and plants.

#ByMyBed: The Story Behind Our Nightstands

Paper + Clay designer Brit McDaniel and husband Barry love their Memphis Bungalow but their narrow bedroom means a shared nightstand. As a writer, Barry always has a ton of books and a few of them bedside, Brit likes to have a book or two herself (currently Troubleshooting for Potters and B’s new book The Vanishing Island), some pottery (surprise!) a notebook for late night or early morning ideas and about a thousand bobby pins that seem to multiply by the dozen on daily basis, according to her.

Featured: Mid-Century Nightstand // Wood Tiled Nightstand // Acrylic Column Table Lamp // Scoop Table Lamp // Tall Storage Nightstand // Metal Drum Side Table // Malone Campaign Nightstand // Penelope Nightstand // Reeve Mid-Century Side Table

Show us what you keep on your nightstand using #ByMyBed on Instagram. We’ll regram our favorites!

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Josh | The Kentucky Gent

November 11, 2015

Eric’s always got such a great eye!

Josh | The Kentucky Gent


November 30, 2015

Really frustrated the first nightstand pictured isn’t available for purchase on the website! Any word on when this will be offered again?

Maxwell Tielman

November 30, 2015

Hi, Katie! It’s our Mid-Century nightstand in acorn (the marble top is a pastry slab that was placed on top!). You can purchase the nightstand here.


April 18, 2016

This is a brilliant compilation of some gorgeous ways we can level up our nightstands at home. Loved the first one no doubt and then the one with the Buddha’s statue. These decor styles reflect the personality of each owner in some way. It shows the perseverance of the work that is done so far by these owners and their style. Amazing photos.


March 8, 2018

Where can I find a marble top like that pictured in the first image?



November 28, 2019

I was wondering about the West Elm Mid century night stand with the marble top. Is the marble top something that was added on after purchase? If so can I find out what actually was done to attach it?

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