living room dollhouse

We’ve long admired the teeny tiny dollhouse creations of Sydney maker, Linzi Macdonald (aka little.linzi), so much so that we asked her to create some signature west elm pieces for us, in miniature! If you’re not familiar, welcome to your new obsession! It all started when Linzi renovated her daughter Maddie’s dollhouse. Crafting miniature versions of local designer pieces and documenting the DIY journey on Instagram, Linzi quickly amassed a cult Insta-following, and kept going. Speaking about her current work, The Little Linzi Project, Linzi says, “I don’t have a background in interior design, but have been a creative person my whole life. This project came about after I had finished Maddie’s Dollhouse Renovation. I really enjoyed it, and wanted to continue creating these crazy miniatures, but wasn’t sure how to go about it. Then I saw a house on Gumtree and thought I could do it up and auction it off, giving the proceeds to a family or individual that may need it. I’m still on the hunt for that family, but I’m hoping to have it all finished by Christmas, fingers crossed.”

Read on for the full house tour, dotted with up-to-the-minute mini replica versions of Australian + international designer furnishings and homewares.

*bonus points if you can spot the west elm pieces!

Kids Room 1

girls room dollhouse

dollhouse girls room

“This feminine room features a handmade replica of an Armadillo & Co woven rug, Bespoke Press “wallpaper” and a felt flower by The Grey Rose. A Hubble + Duke gold crown sits atop the wooden trestle table. The bed linen is made from donated Printebebe fabric, the beds are handmade Kalon Studios replicas, and the cushion is a recreation of the signature House Cushions from Little Village Handmade.”

Kids Room 2

dollhouse kids room

boys bedroom dollhouse

“This room was built for playtime! It features a handmade Such Great Heights Cosmo Tent, Fictional Objects bedding (made from donated fabric), replica House of Cherub letter box, handmade OyOy Adventure mat, illustration by Cassie Loizeaux and cactus by Kinder Sculpt.”

Living Room

living room dollhouse

dollhouse living room

“I turned a Pampa postcard into wall art, the weave is by the talented Natalie Jones. Replica Kalon Studios sofas sit near a Carved “Julia” Stump by Pop & Scott. In the corner hangs a Byron Bay hanging chair. The cushions are handmade from Joanna Fowles fabric and I created the mini replica Pampa rug using needlepoint—it took forever!!!”

Martini Side Table

Spotted! Martini Side Table.

Main Bedroom

Dollhouse Bedroom

Dollhouse Bedroom

“This room features a handmade replica Mr & Mrs White Beam Bed, bed linen made from Fictional Objects fabric, Heart print by Two and Jax, original artwork by Bek Halliday. The prints on the left are miniatures sent by the lovely Australian designer + artist, Kimmy Hogan. Tassels behind bed are by DDBrand.”


dollhouse kitchen

Dollhouse kitchen

linzi living room

“I bought the stools and main cabinets online and modified them. I created the island bench myself and covered them with faux marble counter tops. The paper bags are replica Uashmama (the paper was donated by them). The room also features tiny terrarium by Miniscapes, artwork (above the bench) by Kimmy Hogan, and Australia map artwork by We Wear Art.

Souk Wool Rug

Spotted! Souk Wool Rug

Dapper Animal Plates

Spotted! Dapper Animal Plates.


dollhouse bathroom

“The handmade Armadillo & Co woven rug takes center stage in this neutral bathroom. I purchased the bath and toilet and modified them to suit the space, and added a mini Marimekko towel for a pop of color.”

The House


Little Linzi

When Linzi Macdonald isn’t working on her dollhouse, she’s creating little teepees for her online store. Be sure to follow Little Linzi’s adventures on Instagram.

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Maria Dovey

November 10, 2015

Amazin Hunny I am so proud of You.Arohamai Aunty Mia xxxxxx

ANna-Maria C Sviatko

November 10, 2015

Fabulous work! I’m always excited to find another modern miniaturist, and especially excited to find one based in Australia. 😀

For more modern miniatures, check out the Modern Miniatures FLICKR group:

Trish Davenport

December 4, 2015

Your ideas are wonderful. You encourage a creative mind.

Secret Agent

December 7, 2015

If you could turn those couches bigger and “real life” then I would even buy them! 🙂

monica kearns

December 8, 2015

I love doll houses. The Yield House used to have a marvelous one before they went out of business, so sad. 🙁

Aparna Sundar

January 7, 2016

Omg omg this is like the best dollhouse ever! R u making this for sale? I would love to get one for my lil girl

Jeri Ellis

January 13, 2016

I absolutely love minatures. Have made a farm house and general store and am about to start a beach house. Have excellent sources for furniture. Unfortunately, I’m not good at hand making the furniture myself. I love your work.

Betty J Hagewood

January 23, 2016

So beautiful. I have some minture furniture but no house to put it in. I am not good to create a house for it. I wish I could build one but I guess I will want on because it want happen for me.

Lady Lucas

February 8, 2016

This dollhouse is fabulous! It is beautifully decorated and photographed… so lovely!

Judith Hamilton

February 11, 2016

This is so beautiful. I have made several houses out of popsicle sticks. They aren’t perfect, but I was happy to learn the concept of how create the framing of a room as you would a regular sized home. I love the furniture in your dollhouse rooms and the way you have decorated the rooms.


February 16, 2016

Beautiful! The first doll house I made was 34 years ago. I shopped everywhere for tiny furnishings. Made my own fireplace and clay foods. You are inspiring me do make another.

Kylie Lawson

March 17, 2016

Amazing!! I want to live in there lol 😉


December 20, 2017

Trying to furniture a doll house for my granddaughter. This doll house looks amazing. Where can I purchase these items? Thank you.

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