Fall Flower Arrangements With Kelli Galloway

As the chill of fall begins to settle on our neck of New York State, we often find ourselves turning away from the outdoors towards the comforts of home. On a recent weekend, we teamed up with the team from And North to partake in these comforts—a roaring fireplace, savory treats, and spiced drinks—with a cocktail party at The Stonyford Estate in Upstate New York. An event like this is made all the merrier with beautiful flowers, so we brought in the enviably talented Kelli Galloway of Kingston’s Hops Petunia to add some seasonal flavor to the festivities. Check out her tips for creating your own autumnal arrangements below and stay tuned throughout this week for more peeks at our #KindredSpirits cocktail party with And North!

Fall Flower Arrangements With Kelli Galloway

Stonyford Estate—AKA The House of Brinson—is located in a small town a few hours north of New York City.

Stems used in Kelli’s arrangements

    Foraged Maple Branches
    Pear branches
    Spray Roses
    Broom Corn
    Sunchoke Flower


Arranging in urns — “Urns can be tough,” Kelli notes. “You have to think large. Go big, don’t be afraid. Find a good structural base with large dramatic branches—and I mean large. Choose bold flowers, like Dahlias to provide a focal point, then fill in with zinnias, mums, broom corn, other foliage to create depth and texture. Texture is big for me, so I make a lot of effort to have a great mix of flowers and greens in my arrangements.”

“I chose pear branches for scale. Because Stonyford has such a wonderful, welcoming entrance, I wanted to be sure my floral pieces didn’t appear too small or under-proportioned.”

Fall Flower Arrangements With Kelli Galloway

Arranging in a vase — Using the same process, but at a smaller scale, Kelli created arrangements in vases throughout the space. Greenery was used as a base instead of oversize branches. “Stonyford has a wonderful bold blue in its living spaces,” Kelli says. “I felt having some warm golden tones and deep reds and pinks to pop against that would be really fun and feel very in-season.” Check out more of Kelli’s vase arrangement tips here.

Fall Flower Arrangements With Kelli Galloway

Fall Flower Arrangements With Kelli Galloway

Arranging in small vessels — “For these,” Kelli says, “I typically find a favorite flower and build from it. Again I like lots of texture, especially in the fall. In the spring you can be more romantic, more simple. For fall, there are just so many grasses and berries, I have to have them all! Make sure you have a few stronger blooms for interest and then add others to weave in a color story, texture, and scent.”

Stay tuned tomorrow for a recipe from our #KindredSpirits cocktail party!

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Fall Flower Arrangements With Kelli Galloway

Kelli Galloway is the florist behind Upstate New York’s Hops Petunia. For more from her, visit her on Instagram or her shop at 73 Broadway in Kingston, NY.

Photography by Samantha Goh

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November 11, 2017

Gorgeous- dying to know where the curtains came from?


September 22, 2018

What is the name of this navy blue paint color in the photo between the windows?

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