Personal style is important. There are so many times in which self-expression in the form of style is tamed – the workplace, events, meetings. But our home is solely ours and the way in which we decorate it is limitless.

Memorable homes are not always the biggest or even the most luxurious but rather, the ones that are unique and genuine. The way in which Chy Parker seamlessly incorporated her personality and craft into her home is what makes it truly beautiful. Read on to learn how she turned a conventional desert home into an inspired indoor jungle.

Inside Chy Parker's Indoor Jungle | west elm

What did the space look like when you first got it?

Think baby blue walls and green shag carpet…everywhere! The windows hadn’t been opened in I don’t know how long and a thick layer of dust sat on everything. There were ceiling fans hanging from every spot possible, so those were the first to go. Then we found the old wood floors that were in pretty rough shape, but we managed to get most of the glue off and the rest adds a bit of character. I knew that the space had some major potential with all the natural light that poured in once we opened the old blinds. In the back of the house, which I never really photograph, it still sort of looks the way it did, green linoleum and bathrooms straight out of 1943.

Inside Chy Parker's Indoor Jungle | west elm

What challenges did you face once you moved in?

The shape for sure, the living room has this nook that we decided to turn into the other half of the living area and section off the rest with a sofa. For the longest time we couldn’t figure out what to do in the dark corner behind the living area but, eventually, we just put a daybed and hung some tapestries and called it a day. We had the Mid-Century Dining Table before we moved in here, so the dining area feels a bit cramped but we make do. If I had the chance I would probably put a round tulip table in there! Our budget was pretty tight, but we used lots of thrift store finds mixed with west elm and Target to balance it out. It took about a year to get where we are now!

Inside Chy Parker's Indoor Jungle | west elm

What was your goal when designing the space?

Natural bohemian modern with a vintage vibe, to compliment the home. The first thing we put in were two Mobile Chandeliers and right away they transformed the house and brought it into the modern world. We used lots of leathers and furs, oddities and plants, TONS of plants! Creating an indoor jungle was a must.

Inside Chy Parker's Indoor Jungle | west elm

How do you feel about the outcome?

We love it. Every time we come into this space in the morning we are instantly at ease. It’s ultra comfortable and feels very easy going. We’ll put a record on, let the natural light in and relax. I wish we had the time and budget to finish a few things like the kitchen, the guest bedroom and both bathrooms, but it is a rental so we don’t want to get too attached! We’re going to miss the little things in this house for sure.

Inside Chy Parker's Indoor Jungle | west elm

Inside Chy Parker's Indoor Jungle | west elm

Inside Chy Parker's Indoor Jungle | west elm

Inside Chy Parker's Indoor Jungle | west elm

Featured: Hamilton 2-Piece Leather Chaise Sectional // Mid-Century Buffet // Mobile Chandelier // Modern Buffet // Origami Coffee Table


Chy Parker creates fibrous things from found and upcycled materials foraged from her local desert, incorporating the raw beauty of the natural landscape into the soul of her work. She lives with her husband in an old redwood house in the unincorporated community of Alamorio, California. Connect with her on Instagram!

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Josh | The Kentucky Gent

October 13, 2015

Love the colors and vibes in this space! Can’t go wrong with lots of natural light.

Josh | The Kentucky Gent

Christopher Demers

October 16, 2015

I love your approach and your style Chy, Thanks for sharing.

Amoi Alawoya

October 23, 2015

Love the colors!


November 15, 2015

Where could I get that wall hangin with the sherbet triangle over the mountains? It’s wonderful!

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August 11, 2017

Please tell me where did you find that couch????Ive been looking for a similar one and Im obsessed with it!


April 14, 2018

Where do I find the pillows?????

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