West Elm + Liquor Cabinet - Caipirinha

Don’t mistake this drink for a mojito! Although the Caipirinha and its more common cousin share similar ingredients, the former employs cachaça, a liquor derived from fermented sugar cane. Originally believed to have been invented as a tonic for the Spanish flu, today this storied beverage holds the title of Brazil’s national cocktail. Despite its dubious alternate use as a “cure-all,” there is no denying this cocktail’s tastiness! Cheers!

Serves 1

    2 oz. Cuca Fresca Cachaça

    2 barspoons granulated sugar

    1 full lime, quartered

    Cubed ice

Bar Tools


    Boston Shaker



Muddle lime wedges and granulated sugar in a Boston shaker.

Add Cuca Fresca Cachaça and ice to the shaker and shake hard.

Pour cocktail mixture into a Double Rocks glass without straining.

West Elm + Liquor Cabinet - Caipirinha

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josh | The Kentucky Gent

October 5, 2015

LOVE those glasses.

Josh | The Kentucky Gent

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