west elm + New Darlings Before + After

Earlier in the year lifestyle blogging husband + wife New Darlings graciously hosted one of our Local Pop-Ups in their new hometown of Scottsdale, Arizona — since then, we couldn’t help but obsess over their easy going + refreshing style. Naturally, when we found out they were moving into a new home, we had to document it.

Here’s how Christina and Robert of New Darlings incorporated their relaxed + refreshing urban style to their new desert home.

west elm + New Darlings Before + After

What did your living room look like when you first moved in?

Our living room was a complete clean slate when we moved in. We were excited about having faux hardwood floors to work with. Even though they’re not the real deal, it was a major step up from the wall to wall carpeting our old living room had and definitely gave us more options design wise. We had the option of an accent wall in this space, but opted for fresh white walls to work with. All in all, it was pretty basic but that just created more possibilities for the space.

west elm + New Darlings Living Room Before + After

What were the inspirations for your living space now?

We’ve been so inspired by the desert boho style and all the neutral tones since moving out West. We wanted to incorporate a lot of wood and mid century pieces while still giving it an airy and natural feel with a lot of plant life.

west elm + New Darlings Living Room Before + After

What was your goal when designing the space?

We really wanted our new space to feel fresh and airy, yet still cozy and inviting. The problem we kept running into in our old place was that although we loved each piece individually, it never fully came together for us or felt reflective of our personalities. Everything was very dark and a little cold. We love fresh and minimal spaces but still wanted to incorporate pieces that created warmth and fullness to the room. With our new place, we definitely made sure that anywhere we looked in the room, was a piece we loved.

west elm + New Darlings Living Room Before + After

What are your favorite pieces new or old?

This is a tough one, because we made such a conscious decision to only bring in pieces we loved. However, we’d have to say one of our new favorite pieces is the mid century leather chair. The accent chair is just the perfect spot for cuddling up with a good book and cup of tea, by the window. We already know we will be spending many mornings here, admiring the plants and listening to some records. Our favorite older pieces are definitely the accents and knick knacks we’ve incorporated into the space. Each one has a story and memory attached to it, like the framed ballerina postcard. On the back is a note that was written to Christina from her great Uncle before her first dance recital as a young girl. Little touches like this bring in a personal element to the room.

west elm + New Darlings Living Room Before + After

How do you feel about the outcome?

We couldn’t be happier with the outcome of our new living room. It finally has that perfect mix of simplicity, with the addition of fun and colorful accents that give the room some personality. In the past, we would constantly be moving furniture around, switching out accent pieces, and changing color palettes, but we’re happy to say we haven’t had that urge with this room. We can’t wait to share the space with family and friends!

west elm + New Darlings Living Room Before + After

Featured: Henry Leather Sofa // Mid-Century Buffet // Reeve Mid-Century Coffee Table // Torres Wool Kilim Rug // Mid-Century Leather Show Wood Chair // Lens Floor Lamp // Tree Stump Side Table // Mongolian Lamb Pillow

west elm + New Darlings Living Room Before + After

Rob and Christina are the founders of New Darlings, a Phoenix-based blog that follows the couple’s day-to-day lives, love, and inspiration. Connect with them on Instagram.

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Josh | The Kentucky Gent

August 18, 2015

Such a gorgeous space! Crazy how much impact a few well placed live plants can have on making a room feel warm and inviting, even in the dessert.

Josh | The Kentucky Gent


August 18, 2015

Love this space, there are so many great pieces. Makes me want to redecorate!


August 23, 2015

Some of my favorite West Elm pieces coming together in one beautiful unison.


August 23, 2015

It’s nice but looks so typical of “mid-century”. The spindly plants on the shelves leaves a lot to be desired. Just not my taste


September 8, 2015

Where are the blue pillows from?


October 12, 2015

It confuses me when there’s a television but none of the furniture faces it… Do they watch TV so infrequently that they can rearrange their furniture every time they turn it on? Pretty but impractical.


December 14, 2015

Where are the blue shibori pillows from?


January 10, 2016

This room is perfect. It is a beautiful tribute to the Eames house. I just redid my LR and drew a lot from this. I would love to know what they used for the seemingly floating shelves?


January 31, 2016

absolutely love the color of the couch! purchased where?

Maxwell Tielman

February 1, 2016

Hey, Mel! It’s the west elm Hamilton sofa!

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