West Elm Stella Bed and Floral Duvet

Making a dorm room feel like a home-away-from home is a task easier said than done. With a mire of challenges that can range from pesky roommates to not nearly enough storage space, you might feel compelled to simply scrap the notion of ever having a comfy, cozy dorm. Fear not! We’ve teamed up with BaubleBar to bring you 7 easy-as-pie tips and solutions for turning even the most inhospitable of dorming situations into a restful, relaxing retreat for sleeping, studying, and chilling out. To help you get your school year started in style, we’re offering 20% off at BaubleBar with the code WESTELM20 and 15% off at West Elm through our student discount program.

1. Just like topping off an outfit with a chic necklace, bedding can be a quick and easy way to add a pop of color and intrigue to your room. Are your room’s white-washed cinderblock walls bringing you down? You’d be surprised by how much a good bedding set can do. Pictured: Camo Floral Bedding.

West Elm Modern Storage Collection for Office

2. Don’t let yourself get distracted by a cluttered workspace! Corral tech, notes, and office supplies into trays and pen holders so you can focus on the task at hand. Shop our office organization.

3. Is your room feeling uninspired and unfocused? Throwing down a colorful patterned rug can help to bring an entire space together. Pictured: Framed Triangles Wool Kilim Rug.

West Elm Neon Pouf

4. Your room is your sanctuary, so it should feel warm and cozy. Throw blankets and poufs are wonderful ways to impart a sense of warmth to a room—and they’re much more stylish than your run-of-the-mill beanbag chair! Shop our poufs.

West Elm Agate Bookends

5. If you’re short on space, a good way to bring beauty into a room is with objects that are dual purpose—beautiful and functional! From paperweights to bookends, even tiny objects can go a long way. Shop our decorative accessories.

West Elm Yellow Industrial Table Lamp

6. Dorm rooms typically come with garish fluorescent overhead lighting—not the best option if you’re going for a homey look and feel. Set the mood and study better with your own reading and task lamps. Pictured: Industrial Task Table Lamp.

Bauble Bar Bracelet

7. Last, but certainly not least—don’t forget to make it your own! Whether that means decorating with your favorite color or mixing and matching accessories, nothing will make you feel more at home than your own personal style. Pictured: A customizable bracelet stack from BaubleBar.

West Elm + Bauble Bar Promo

Save 20% off at BaubleBar with code WESTELM20 and 15% at West Elm through our student discount program.

Clockwise from top left: BaubleBar’s Eve Collar Necklace // BaubleBar’s Custom Cape Town Bracelets // Agate Bookends // Wishbone Hook // Beaded Pouch // Nolan Side Table // Two-Light Marble Table Lamp // BaubleBar’s Plane Ring // Striped Jewelry Box

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