West Elm Chulucanas Vase Potter in Peru

Artisan Manuel Portocarrero works on carving for west elm’s Chulucanas vases.

This month, Adrianna Adarme brought us wonders of the Peruvian palette from Pisco Sours to Tallarines Verdes, but culinary pleasures are just the beginning of the richness that Peruvian culture has to offer. These new videos showcase the work of the talented artisans that we’ve partnered with to bring centuries-old ceramics, textiles, and wood carving traditions to your home. We work with artisan businesses based in Lima that partner with skilled workshops throughout the country to bring you some of the finest Peruvian craft.

West Elm Peruvian Chulucanas Vases

West Elm Handcrafted Peru Colors

Artisans from the arid Piura region turn local clay into beautiful standing Chulucanas Vases that bring a modern twist to a 2,000-year-old ceramics tradition. Artisans from the Huancavelica region use the weaving traditions honed over centuries of living at a chilly 12,000 foot altitude to turn fine alpaca wool into snuggly, soft Steven Alan Ombre Plaid Throws and Striped Pillows. Artisans in Lima intricately carve wood and inlay mirrors to bring a hint of Baroque glamour to your home.

West Elm Alpaca Throw Weaver in Peru

Rosa Enciso working on the finishing touches for a west elm throw.

West Elm Alpacas in Peru

These products represent months of collaboration between the artisan businesses we work with and our in-house design team. For us, it’s all about preserving traditional craft and technique, providing employment and opportunity for artisans, and bringing you beautiful statement pieces to adorn your home. We make long-term commitments to our artisan partners, because through consistent orders we can help artisans invest in their businesses and in their communities. The artisan businesses we work with helped the Chulucanas ceramicists invest in electric pottery wheels and the Huancavelica weavers install a solar-powered washing machine to make our throws super soft. Snuggle up (perhaps in a beautiful alpaca throw!), and enjoy this visual treat, a behind-the-scenes look at Peruvian handcraft.

Jennifer Gootman is the Director of Social Consciousness & Innovation at West Elm where she oversees the brand’s commitments to increase sourcing from artisans, supply chain transparency, and sustainability. Jennifer has more than ten years experience working with economic development and arts-focused nonprofits and social enterprises in New York, Nicaragua, and India and is thrilled to be part of a company that is committed to using its purchasing power to create social, economic, and environmental change.

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July 27, 2015

I’m so happy to see Peruvian handcrafts in West Elm. I think some of the most beautiful textiles are from Peru and its great to see their process . Me gusta mucho!


July 27, 2015

I love the photo of the alpacas – any chance you have a source/are looking to turn that into decor for the store?

Porfirio Castro

August 1, 2015

Este es un gran articulo que revela el Interes de WEST ELM por las artesanias de nuestro pais, Mi hijo Porfirio Castro Jr. fue manager de la tienda de Virginia y inaguro la tienda de Denver y se del sentimiento social de WEST ELM por las minoria.
Felicitaciones/ JENNIFER

Hector Rojas

August 3, 2015

Thank you west Elm for giving to Peru the opportunity to showcase their work and culture and to help our community. West Elm is on of my favor store !!!
Muchas Gracias!!!

Kathleen Graham

September 8, 2015

Beautiful items. Great idea. TKS!

Kathleen Graham

September 8, 2015

Watched all the videos and I’m entranced by the joy of the workers and the beauty that comes from their hands. What a wonderful legacy they have passed down from generation to generation. They have every reason to be proud. I’m proud for them (smile).

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