Hibiscus French 75 by Gabriel Cabrera

There’s nothing quite like a quiet July night, when the fireflies are out and the warm breeze is tinged with the scent of summer blooms. These are the sort of nights that beg for time on the front porch, the fire escape, or the stoop—and an excellent cocktail to go with it! This updated take on the French 75 from The Artful Desperado’s Gabriel Cabrera seems the perfect complement to such occasions, with hibiscus-infused flavor and effervescent touches of champagne. Whether you’re serving this at a party or just sipping with a friend, this has the makings of a new summer classic. Cheers!

West Elm Champagne Flutes with Flowers

Hibiscus French 75 Punch
Serves 4-6

    ½ cup hibiscus tea concentrate*
    ½ cup gin
    Juice of 1 lemon
    Orange bitters
    Brown sugar cubes (regular work too)
    1 bottle (750ml) champagne or prosecco, chilled

* Hibiscus tea concentrate: In a pot, place 1 cup water + 4 hibiscus tea bags (or 4 tablespoons of loose hibiscus tea). Simmer on medium heat for 10 minutes. Remove from heat, strain, and let it cool. Refrigerate for an hour (or until chill)

West Elm Champagne Flutes with Sugar Cubes

To make the hibiscus punch mix: In a small bottle or jar place the cold hibiscus concentrate, gin, lemon juice, and 4 dashes of orange bitters. Stir to combine and place in the fridge.

Champagne Pouring French 75 Cocktail

To serve: grab a few champagne glasses (flutes looks great!), place one or two sugar cubes at the bottom of the glass (depending how sweet you like your cocktails), then 1 tablespoon of the gin and hibiscus punch mix. Top with champagne or prosecco and drink!

If you’re serving this for a party, make it into a self-serve station by placing the glasses on a tray, add the sugar cubes, and have the jar of the hibiscus punch mix and a chilled bottle of champagne right next to them. Let the crowd have fun with DIY cocktails!

Hibiscus French 75 by Gabriel Cabrera

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Gabriel Cabrera of The Artful Desperado | Hemingway Getaway Cocktail

Gabriel Cabrera is a food + prop stylist and photographer who resides in Vancouver, BC. You can follow him on Instagram, Pinterest and his blog The Artful Desperado.

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Josh | The Kentucky Gent

July 13, 2015

Gabriel’s drink photos are always SO spot on, and these drinks sound so refreshing!

Josh | The Kentucky Gent

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