Ivan Solis’ mouthwatering Instagram feed first caught our attention with a perfectly crafted photo of triple layer smoothies in the #mywestelm gallery – not long after, we were scrolling through his snack shots, writing down desserts we wanted to make.

We connected with Ivan to learn what it’s really like to be a food photographer, whether or not he gets to eat all the donuts, and more! Read on to learn more about Ivan + see his amazing photos.

WARNING: Don’t read while hungry!

#myweslm Photographer Of The Month!

Your instagram constantly makes us hungry, how did you get into food photography?

I began food photography a little over a year ago. Prior to that I had taken photos of models for about six years. I had always loved food photography but was always intimidated by it for so long. One day I decided that I was going to pursue my true passion and haven’t looked back since.

#mywestelm Photographer Of The Month!

Do you get to eat the food you photograph? And if so, what has been your favorite meal you’ve eaten after a shoot?

Yes, luckily I get to eat everything I shoot. Since the goal is to portray the dishes in a realistic manner, the food is all edible. One time I made strawberry shortcakes and I was in total heaven. Biscuits, strawberries and cream are a combination that I cannot begin to describe how perfect it is.

#mywestelm Photographer Of The Month!

What advice would you give an aspiring food photographer?

Practice makes perfect. The more time you put into it, the more you will get out of it. One important thing that I learned that really helped was to give yourself a deadline, even if it was to just shoot once a week. You gain so much knowledge on why didn’t this shoot work, or why did this shoot turn out so great. Asking these questions internally will get you to a place where you are happy with the aesthetics that you are looking for.

#mywestelm Photographer Of The Month!

Who are some of your favorite Instagrammers that inspire you?

@artfuldesperado is a huge standout. One of the things he does so well is that the images tell a story. He is a genius of transporting you to a place where you want to stay and eat!
Also @Dianecu has been an important role model for me. She is part of a husband and wife team also known as whiteonricecouple. They not only take amazing images, but also put a lot of heart into them.

#mywestelm Photographer Of The Month!

What’s your favorite part of LA?

The restaurants and the weather. I feel so lucky to be living in a place that provides me with so much happiness. I cant imagine myself living anywhere else.

#mywestelm Photographer Of The Month!

Personal Motto?

I know it has been said a million times before but it is so true. Never give up on your dreams. But in addition to dreaming, you must set up goals and stick with them or else your dreams will just stay dreams and not become a reality.

#mywestelm Photographer Of The Month!

#myweslm Photographer Of The Month!

For being chosen as the #mywestelm Photographer Of The Month, we’re sending Ivan a $100 gift card!

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May 28, 2015

Beautiful work! Ivan’s passion does indeed show in his work. And now I’m off to try and find a donut with pink frosting and coconut flakes — I hadn’t known I needed one.

The Kentucky Gent

May 29, 2015

Food photography is 100x harder than I ever imagined it would be, but it’s also some of my favorite content to create.

Josh – The Kentucky Gent


June 2, 2015

So glad you featured Ivan! I had the pleasure of taking a food photography course with him by White On Rice Couple (mentioned in his interview). He is so talented and inspiring. Love his Instagram feed!

John IV

June 21, 2015

Congrats! Very inspiring work, gives me encouragement to move forward!

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