Do you shamelessly love brunch and springtime? You’re going to want to see this.

We asked breakfast-master Leela Cyd to share some favorite seasonal recipes. Her Smashed Eggs On Toast With Artichoke Spread is a low-key dish that instantly elevates your breakfast.

Take a look and start planning your next farmers market excursion and/or Mother’s Day party menu!

Smashed Eggs on Toast + Artichoke Spread Recipe

“My mom and I love to play hooky from work and treat ourselves to a breakfast out now and again – this artichoke spread on toast is inspired by one of our favorite Santa Barbara restaurants. Here I’ve lightened it up and added a hit of lemon and fresh herbs.” – Leela Cyd

Smashed Eggs on Toast + Artichoke Spread Recipe

Smashed Eggs on Toast w/ Artichoke Spread

    4 thick slices of walnut bread, toasted
    4 large eggs
    1 15-ounce can artichoke hearts, rinsed and drained
    1 clove garlic, minced
    ½ teaspoon lemon zest
    1 tablespoon lemon juice
    2 tablespoons olive oil
    salt and pepper to taste
    fresh thyme

1. Prepare toast in toaster or oven and set aside in a barely warm oven until ready to serve.

2. In a food processor, combine the artichoke hearts, garlic, lemon zest, lemon juice and olive oil in bowl and pulse until a chunky spreadable texture is achieved. Season with salt and pepper and pulse a couple more times to combine.

3. Boil a medium pot of water. Drop 4 eggs into the water with a spoon, reduce heat to medium and cook for 7 minutes. Remove from heat and peel eggs under running water.

4. When ready to serve, slather a generous ¼ cup of artichoke spread onto each piece of toast. Smash each egg onto the topped toasts, garnish with extra salt and pepper and sprigs of fresh thyme. Serve immediately with any remaining artichoke spread.

Smashed Eggs on Toast + Artichoke Spread Recipe

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Leela Cyd is a photographer + blogger who lives with her husband David in a tiny cottage near the beach. She is currently working on her own cookbook, Food with Friends. You can follow her on Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter.

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The Kentucky Gent

April 20, 2015

LOVE Avo toast, so I’m sure it’s safe to assume I’d love this one as well. Sounds like I need to give this a whirl this weekend.

Josh – The Kentucky Gent

Deborah Andalini

May 3, 2015

Sounds absolutely wonderful. I am going to try this and I also look forward to your book. Thank you. Deborah Andalini

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