Did you know that the top of your bedroom dresser can do amazing things?

The trick is to try a tray!

Watch our NEW video with Will Taylor of Bright Bazaar to discover 4 reasons why a well-styled tray will make your bedroom a better place, and start using the top of your dresser for more than just loose change.

1) You’ll transform your dresser.

Styling a tray on your dresser creates a well-defined space to add personal details like framed photos or favorite travel keepsakes, where you can also keep your daily essentials and always know that they’ll be close at hand.

2) You’ll complement the room.

Take inspiration from your bedrooms colors and textures, and you’ll add a tray that will complement any style from art deco to naturalist.

3) You’ll make your mornings easier.

Add decorative boxes to hold your morning must-haves like cufflinks, contacts, or the car keys that have a nasty habit of disappearing.

4) You’ll be able refresh your space again and again.

Choose colorful accessories for your bedroom tray like small vases that can be swapped-out in accordance with your taste and the seasons. It’s an easy way to keep your space feeling fresh!

How to style a tray for your bedroom

How to style a tray for your bedroom

How to style a tray for your bedroom

Featured: Raffia Tray // Mid-Century Dresser // Marble Cleat Boxes // Waterscape Vase // Honeycomb Vase // Candle // Cassiopeia Glassware

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April 18, 2015

They are all square…how about some oval or round shapes for a change?

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