If you work from home and you don’t love your space, you will go nuts. There’s no way to sugarcoat it.

So blogger Justin Livingston of Scout Sixteen really needed to make his NYC living room a happier + more productive place to spend all his time.

Justin asked Orlando of Homepolish for help, and we all teamed-up to transform this once-drab room with color and functional personality.

See how Justin’s rental got totally revamped, and learn Orlando’s his 5 essential small living room design tips! There’s at least one idea you can start using in your space this weekend.

Before + After: Justin’s Revamped NYC Living Room | west elm

Justin’s Revamped NYC Living Room | west elm

1. Choose small-scale furniture.

“Justin’s living room is a typical East Village apartment, meaning it’s smaller than your average living space. I chose a 7’ sofa and smaller scale chairs as to not dwarf the space. There was really only room for one full-size side table next to the sofa, so we used a smaller stool on one side.”

Justin’s Revamped NYC Living Room | west elm

Justin’s Revamped NYC Living Room | west elm

2. Get lighting off the tabletops.

“I chose these large wall-mounted sconces to save precious tabletop surfaces for more important things. Like cocktails. In homes without built-in overhead lighting this is especially helpful.”

Justin’s Revamped NYC Living Room | west elm

3. Hide ugly stuff.

“Being a blogger, Justin has all sorts of little camera accessories and power cords that are ugly and don’t reflect his flawless personal style. So I provided him with storage containers for his shelves to hide all that stuff while keeping the room looking chic. An added bonus is his vintage trunk side table, which serves the dual purpose of storing additional accessories and also gives the room some age and character.”

Justin’s Revamped NYC Living Room | west elm

Justin’s Revamped NYC Living Room | west elm

Justin’s Revamped NYC Living Room | west elm

4. Use a narrow coffee table.

“There’s nothing worse than banging your shins all over your coffee table. I chose a slim coffee table for Justin so that he could easily get around his living without having to injure himself. Allowing at least 18” between a sofa and a coffee table is ideal and prevents the space from looking too crowded.”

@scoutsixteen’s Small Space Transformation by @Homepolish + @westelm

@scoutsixteen’s Small Space Transformation by @Homepolish + @westelm

5. Keep color cohesive.

“The inspiration for Justin’s new space was the incredibly beautiful rug, which is filled with lovely pinks, blues, yellows, and greys. Those colors are reflected in the accent pillows and the accent chairs. The base color for the room is grey, but because Justin and his friends are young and fun, we brought in a ton of color. The art by Shane Neufeld was the icing on the cake that really brought it all home.”

Justin’s Revamped NYC Living Room | west elm

Justin’s Revamped NYC Living Room | west elm

Justin’s Revamped NYC Living Room | west elm

Featured: Mid-Century Overarching Wall Sconces // Multi Pixel Woven Wool Rug // Peggy Mid-Century Sofa // Kisanii Pillows // Narrow Box Frame Coffee Table // Remy Side Table // Softest Throw // Retro Wing Chairs // Wall Art

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@scoutsixteen’s Small Space Transformation by @Homepolish + @westelm

Justin Livingston is the founder of Scout Sixteen. Follow him on Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. Orlando Soria is the founder of Hommemaker and the creative director of Homepolish. Follow him on Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Photos: Claire Esparros

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March 15, 2015

That dyptic painting is amazing. Source?

Jake Lemkowitz

March 16, 2015

We agree! The art is by Shane Neufeld.

The Kentucky Gent

March 16, 2015

The space turned out so great! And I couldn’t agree more – working from home, especially when you don’t love your space can be hard. Which makes me so glad that it’s warm enough to do some of my working outside or on my front porch.

Josh – The Kentucky Gent


March 17, 2015

Beautiful! I recommend reading Orland’s blog for more design fun! By fun, I mean beautiful rooms AND that he’s hilarious!


March 19, 2015

This space looks amazing! How do you know the scale for art when hanging it above a sofa? I’m having SUCH a hard time and love this look. Prob WAY out of my budget ;)!


March 20, 2015

Nice choices all around and pops of asymmetrical color! But just say “No” to the dead animal head on the wall! That’s a game-changer.


March 27, 2015

Orlando is super good looking 🙂

Andrea Cruz

April 30, 2015

These are absolutely fantastic designs! We would love to feature this on our modern houses page on our website. ^_^ Thanks for sharing…


May 1, 2015

Sweet chairs!

Christina Gutierrez

May 14, 2015

Oh My! The art is great! And the design itself… it completely reinvents the meaning of Small House Plans & Designs


July 20, 2015

I’ve seen this post on Homepolish, but still can’t get over what an incredible transformation that was. Absolutely A+ work!



July 26, 2015

This is the spot for my sons I want them to get inspire from Justin place luuuv it

Glenda Miller

January 20, 2016

I realized I hadn’t noticed the ‘head’ my 1st time through…………..and altho’ I grew up with one in our LR, (my dad supplied all of our meat as we lived in a very rural setting) it also ‘went’ with the space (above a rustic, rock fireplace). Sorry, yours doesn’t, and doesn’t do any honour to the animal.


July 20, 2016

The shade and texture of the Peggy sofa is gorgeous. Do you know which upholstery is featured here?

Maxwell Tielman

July 21, 2016

Hey, Rudi! Looks like our heathered crosshatch!

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