If you’re anything like our team, you’re no stranger to spending hours on Pinterest looking at homes you wished you live in. It’s not procrastinating, it’s planning for a future dream space!

See the 5 homes that are making our hearts sing this week.

1. Room with a view.

5 homes we wished we lived in | west elm

It’s all about the sofas, the side tables, that massive indigo-dyed rug + the lake side view! (Photo via The Contemporist).

2. Living room swing seat.

5 homes we wished we lived in | west elm

Does it get any better than a swing seat in the living room?! Didn’t think so. (Photo via A House In the Hills).

3. Industrial cool.

5 homes we wished we lived in | west elm

Exposed brick bedroom in an idyllic loft space.

4. Scandi style.

5 homes we wished we lived in | west elm

The perfect example of how a rug can pull a room together. (Photo via Lingered Upon).

5. Eclecticism at its best!

5 homes we wished we lived in | west elm

There’s nothing better than a room that helps tell your story. This is a perfect example!

Featured: Kite Wool Kilim // Natural Tree Stump Side Table // Bubble Ceramic Side Table // Parsons Tower // Mid-Century Bed // Martini Side Table

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The Kentucky Gent

March 10, 2015

I’ll take all of the above, but most all of #3.

Total room envy here!

Josh – The Kentucky Gent


March 10, 2015

All please!

chuck linker

March 22, 2015

Are you related to Josh + Main—Boston, I believe?

Great designs, merch, quality from terrific buyers obviously. Reasonable prices as well. Not as at DWR. Next best I know of next to One Kingsd Lane. Not like fab.com which appeals primarily to youngsters with daddy’s money.

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