5 ways to unplug at home

It’s time to unplug.

Research shows that too much time with our electronic devices contributes to stress and dulls creativity.

Here’s the problem: putting away the phone at home is easier-said-than-done.

Blogger Chelsea O’Leary is here to help with some tips to get you started! Read on for her 5 favorite ways to unplug at home.

5 ways to unplug at home

1. Connect With Snail Mail

Hand-written notes mean SO much more than their digital equivalents. Take twenty minutes and write a note of gratitude to a friend or family member. Receiving snail mail is guaranteed to brighten their day.

Coffee table - 5 ways to unplug at home

2. Plan Your Next Trip

Set aside some time to design an exploration through a new neighborhood, city or country, and plan your next adventure. There are even some people who think that planning a vacation can make you happier, whether you take the trip or not.

Dining table setting - 5 ways to unplug at home

5 ways to unplug at home

3. The Phone-Free Meal

Invite a friend over for a meal – no screens allowed – and enjoy catching-up without distractions. Asking your guest to turn off her phone might make you feel like a flight attendant at first, but you’ll be surprised how much it allows everyone to stay more present.

Bookshelf - 5 ways to unplug at home

Large basket - 5 ways to unplug at home

4. Remember Your Bookshelf

Remember that thing in the corner full of books and magazines? Setting aside as little as half an hour every night to read will activate your imagination in a different way, and it’s a great antidote for a long workday full of computer glare.

5 ways to unplug at home

5 ways to unplug at home

5. Movie Night

Invite friends over to watch a movie at home. Fix your favorite flavor of popcorn and curl up on the couch for a night-in with a new flick. Okay it’s not totally unplugged, but way more of a social and connected evening than just browsing the web.

5 ways to unplug at home

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The Kentucky Gent

February 25, 2015

Believe it or not! I’m actually unplugging tonight and writing thank you card for all the people I met with in NYC. Great minds think alike!

Josh – The Kentucky Gent

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