“What’s the next big trend going to be?”

It’s one of the questions our home stylist team gets asked all the time.

Want to know the answer? Ally, west elm DC’s Home Stylist, breaks down her take on the top 3 home decor trends for 2015!

1. Color Invasion

Wall art - 2015 Trends | west elm

“We’re getting bold with color this year. Ready to take your home beyond neutral hues? Go for statement artwork filled with pops of zingy hues.”

Dining set - 2015 Trends | west elm

“Another favorite way you can work this trend into your home is with a graphic, colorful rug. It’s one piece that really brings a room together and gives you SO many options for accessorizing!” (Photo: Glitter Guide)

2. Statement Plants

2015 Trends | west elm

“2014 was all about those small scale terrariums packed with succulents. This year, it’s all about going BIG with plants in your home.”

Decor trend for 2015: BIG plants

“Hello indoor jungle!” (Photo: Laure Joliet)

3. Mid-Century Strong!

Mid-Century Wide Dresser - 2015 Trends | west elm

Mid-century style is the gift that keeps on giving and looks good in almost all bedroom styles! Best bit? You can effortlessly mix the old with the new AND have some serious fun looking for pieces, whether in your nearest west elm or your local flea market!” Photo: Design Sponge

Mid-Century Dresser - 2015 Trends | west elm

“This is a photo from my own apartment featuring 2 of my favorite Mid-Century pieces! I love the warmth they add to the room.” (Photo: Ally Mumm)

Any new trends that we missed or old trends you’re looking forward to retiring? Let us know!

Featured: Kate Spade Saturday Wall Art // Patterned Rugs // Planters + Terrariums // Mid-Century Dressers

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