Last year we had the opportunity to work with some seriously talented ‘grammers from all over the world; London, Germany, Sydney and right across the USA to name a few.

To kick off 2015, we’ve got a handy list of 12 Instagrammers you need to follow!

1. 5ftinf

12 Instagrammers to follow in 2015 | west elm

Like flowers? You’ll LOVE London-based Philippa’s explosion of colorful blooms.


2. @daniellawitte

12 Instagrammers to follow in 2015 | west elm

Because sometimes there are light contrasts that your iPhone simply can’t capture, but Daniella’s camera sure can.


3. @yyykim

12 Instagrammers to follow in 2015 | west elm

If you’re not already following yewon kim you’re missing out. Talk about capturing a city’s beauty.


4. @caseykeasler

12 Instagrammers to follow in 2015 | west elm

Check out Portland-based Casey’s laid back style (+ her exquisite taste in bedding).


5. @igorjosif

12 Instagrammers to follow in 2015 | west elm

With Igor’s enviable collection of planters, it’s easy to see why he’s king of the Urban Jungle!


6. @_julienlacroix

10 Instagrammers to follow in 2015 | west elm

Can you believe that all of Julien’s ‘grams are taken on an iPhone?! WOAH.


7. @itsmichaelchan

12 Instagrammers to follow in 2015 | west elm

Michael’s shots make him the sharpest tool in the DC shed.


8. @csanyi

12 Instagrammers to follow in 2015 | west elm

Super inspiring NY-based travel ‘grammer. Don’t miss her shots from Paris!


9. @thetrottergirl

12 Instagrammers to follow in 2015

If you like finding hidden gems, Eva’s account is for you.


10. @mrpaddingtonbear

12 Instagrammers to follow in 2015 | west elm

Hailing all the way from Melbourne, Australia, isn’t Cindy’s cat Paddington just the cutest?!


11. @evagoicochea


There’s something so satisfying about scrolling through such clean and sharp images β€” good thing we have Instagram accounts like Eva’s.


12. @nicole_franzen


Though she’s currently in Buenos Aires, Nicole’s Instagram frequently showcases our Brooklyn hometown, arguably the most Instagrammable place…ever.

Who are your favorite Instagrammers? Let us know in the comments!

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Michael Chan

January 12, 2015

Thanks, West Elm! Means a lot. Been a long time fan (and WE Credit Card holder haha) — I’ll need to finally get some WE in my gallery soon. Happy New Year and happy ‘gramming!

John Carmean

January 13, 2015

@johncarmean πŸ™‚

Eva Goicochea

January 13, 2015

Many thanks, West Elm! Really an honor to be included with such great folks. (Nicole’s coming for an LA trip shortly. We’ll be sure to post some adventures for you!)


January 14, 2015

You are so very welcome Eva! We love your feed + can’t wait to see the result of Nicole’s LA trip! πŸ™‚

The Kentucky Gent

January 13, 2015

Yes! Big thumbs up for including Eva in the roundup.


January 14, 2015

Glad you approve! Thanks for checking out the post Josh!


January 14, 2015

Love @homesby1962 She is in Phoenix, AZ and chronicles her renovations. She creds WE in some of her posts! Check her out. I love her blog/memoir too.


January 14, 2015

Thanks so much for the suggestion Lacy! So great to see her use west elm too!


January 14, 2015


Genesee Atkins

January 16, 2015

You should check out my sister, @palila — soooo beautiful! Seaside town catches. You will love it.

Graybill & Downs

January 24, 2015

We love photographer @bfalcon1

Kelli Pratte

January 26, 2015


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