#mywestelm Photographer of The Month: Chelsea O’Leary

Relocating across the country isn’t easy, but Chelsea O’Leary of Fenway Journal makes moving to a new city look good.

Her photos first caught our eye in the #mywestelm gallery the first week that Chelsea moved south from Boston to Nashville, and we’ve followed along ever since as she makes her new house a home and explores Tennessee.

Read on to see more of Chelsea’s images, discover her favorite Nashville spots, get her hard-earned moving advice, and more!

#mywestelm Photographer of The Month: Chelsea O’Leary

We love your Instagram! Do you have any tips when it comes to photography for Instagram?

An Instagram should have a story of its own. It should be a narrative written with images. Instagram is not a place for negativity, but instead it’s a place for creativity, a place to share images and learned skills. Thus an Instagram should tell a story that exudes realness and originality.

#mywestelm Photographer of The Month: Chelsea O’Leary

What advice do you have for anyone moving to a new city?

My advice is to allow yourself plenty of time to find a home and to settle in. We have been here for nearly four months, and our home still isn’t complete. I would also encourage allowing room in your budget for desired household items, such as new couch or bookshelf. Asking for help is entirely acceptable, as well. Although my husband and I had each other, we welcomed input from family and our trustworthy realtor.

#mywestelm Photographer of The Month: Chelsea O’Leary

#mywestelm Photographer of The Month: Chelsea O’Leary

If someone has just 1 day in Nashville, where should they go?

Pick out something fun to wear at Imogene + Willie, then grab a seasonal dinner with drinks at Adele’s. Both are family owned and operated with a delightful philosophy behind them.

#mywestelm Photographer of The Month: Chelsea O’Leary

Everyone has at least one secret talent… What’s yours?

I can tell a female fruit fly from a male fruit fly within a matter of seconds. My background in neuroscience has really paid off. Wink!

#mywestelm Photographer of The Month: Chelsea O’Leary

Who are some other Instagrammers that inspire you?

Ruthie Lindsey, Madison Bosworth and Beth Kirby of Local Milk.

#mywestelm Photographer of The Month: Chelsea O’Leary

What are the 3 things in your home right now that you can’t live without?

I can’t live without our coffee grinder (despite the fact that my husband grinds our coffee beans long before the sunrise each morning), our many children in the form of green, woody plants, and our reclaimed pine Emmerson Table.

#mywestelm Photographer of The Month: Chelsea O’Leary

For being chosen as the #mywestelm Photographer Of The Month, we’re sending Chelsea a $100 gift card!

Get inspired by real homes in the #mywestelm gallery, and show us how you use west elm in your space by tagging your Instagrams with #mywestelm.

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October 27, 2014

Where are those black pointed-toes from?! They are perfect.

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