There’s so much to toast about sweather weather. For starters, it’s finally cool enough to actually host a dinner party inside a New York City apartment. (Some of us have been living off cold sesame noodles for far too long.)

Since cocktails are the best ice-breakers, we asked The Kitchn to create a few exclusive recipes that put mixologist twists on old classics. If this Figgy Old Fashioned is any indication, they’re gonna be perfect for fall.

We’re also excited to invite you to celebrate The Kitchn Cookbook with us! We’re throwing 7 book-signing parties at west elm stores across the United States, with authors Sara Kate Gillingham + Faith Durand. You can see when The Kitchn is coming to your city – along with treats + drinks + signed books – and RSVP here.

Read on for their Figgy Old Fashioned cocktail recipe!


Figgy Old Fashioned

1. Muddle the sugar with the blood orange, bitters, and water in an Old-Fashioned glass, pressing the back of a spoon lightly against the orange to release the juices.

2. Add bourbon and ice and stir gently to mix. Garnish with a cherry.

VARIATION: Instead of muddling with blood orange, muddle with 1 slice of fresh fig and 1/4 wheel lemon. Garnish with fresh fig instead of a cherry.


See when The Kitchn is coming to your city – along with treats + drinks + signed books – and RSVP here.

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December 22, 2014

Hard to beat the tried and true old fashioned but this figgy version sounds incredible! Brooklyn Hemispherical Bitters are AMAZE and while I haven’t tried their Black Mission Fig, I’m sure it’s heaven. Also, any excuse to whip something up with bourbon works for me!

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