Photographer Laure Joliet

Meet Laure Joliet, one of our favorite interior photographers! If you love looking for contemporary decor inspiration on Pinterest then it’s likely that you’ve already come across her amazing work.

Laure recently signed the lease on a photography studio of her very own for the first time. The studio was a total blank slate, so she needed to start-out and style-up her new workspace from scratch. And she took over our Instagram account to document the step-by-step process!

In case you missed it, here’s how Laure’s studio came together over the weekend. Check it out and get some photo studio style ideas of your own.

Laure Joliet Styles-Up Her Studio

I’m moving my photo business out of the house and into this space in the heart of Chinatown in Los Angeles. I’m hoping to make the studio a place where I can get creative, a place for collaboration and fun (and serious business).

Bentwood Office Chair - Laure Joliet Styles-Up Her Studio

First things first–it’s time for a real chair! It’s the Bentwood Office Chair and I love that it’s a little bit Mad Men.

Laure Joliet Styles-Up Her Studio

Hannah (and her mom @chaparral_studio) drop by for a visit mid move in. I’ve started tacking up inspiration on the wall and there’s a little bit of disarray but hey, sometimes things have to get worse before they get better. Side note: it’s such a luxury to have somewhere besides my house to keep these seamless rolls!

Wall Shelves - Styling Up A Working Studio

These marble shelves are the perfect way to display all my treasures. I’m playing around with how to style them– that woven pot was made by my friend TW Workshop and I love a string of pearls. The prints are my own– I’ve been experimenting with prints of my favorite plant in LA–Bougainvillea!

Laure Joliet Styles-Up Her Studio

Laure Joliet Styles-Up Her Studio

Best part about my studio’s neighborhood–BOBA BREAKS! (With @chaparral_studio + Hannah).

Styling-Up A Working Studio

Things are coming together! Having vertical storage means I can display my old cameras and favorite art books and hide the printer in the cabinet. This is definitely a working studio so I don’t mind having the seamless rolls out and on display. Rolled out the awesome Steven Alan Aliye Rug and it lightened the whole place up.

Laure Joliet Styles-Up Her Studio

Taking a little break at the end of the day to relax and fill some poster orders!  Moving the poster operation out of the house is one of the best things about this studio. Also love how the space feels cozy like a living room!

Laure Joliet Styles-Up Her Studio

I love having plants around me when I’m working (they also make for excellent props on shoots) so @chaparral_studio is helping me pick out some plants. I love this philodendron monstera!

Laure Joliet Styles-Up Her Studio

Finishing touches. Installing a big fern in a vintage macrame hanger in the corner, whoa.

Laure Joliet Styles-Up Her Studio

A little behind the scenes, shooting the studio. When I shoot an interior (for real and not just on my phone) I shoot tethered to a computer so that I can see the image big right away. It helps me (and the stylist) figure out what areas need some help. The studio is a little tight so a chair is helping assist.

Laure Joliet Styles-Up Her Studio

Major bonus to the studio is getting to have an outdoor space since it basically stays summer in LA year round! That’s Peggy, modeling this outdoor bench from west elm along with a fun pillow from Cotton & Flax.

Laure Joliet Styles-Up Her Studio

All my favorite things. A big fiddle leaf fig, a bougainvillea poster sample I’ve been working on, those swoon worthy marble shelves and the best chair + desk. As much as I love a pristine space I wanted to keep my studio feeling like a workshop where things can get tacked to the wall and moved around. I want to have fun here!

Los Angeles Dusk

The end of a long weekend, but the commute home never fails to impress.

Laure Joliet Styles-Up Her Studio

You can buy Laure Joliet’s prints in her online store, follow her on Instagram + VSCO, and see of Laure’s great photography on her website.

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Theresa @ Beauteeful Living

September 23, 2014

The photos are amazing. Of course, all the West Elm furniture looks great. What a beautiful indoor and outdoor space! Being in LA’s Chinatown is definitely a bonus (yummy food)!


September 24, 2014

Laure’s studio is amazing! So bright and filled with meaningful mementos, the perfect place to feel inspired.

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