#mywestelm Photographer of The Month: Grace Kim

Scrolling through Instagram, photos of a cute pets + cool furniture always catch our eye. That’s how we were first introduced to Grace Kim of @collectedgrace.

Besides her photos in the #mywestelm gallery, Grace’s photography from her world travels are inspiring us to explore + take more photos on our next trip.

Read on to see more of Grace’s images, discover her local Orange County spots, and get to know a little bit more about her + Mochi, the dog!

#mywestelm Photographer of The Month: Grace Kim

We couldn’t help but notice that a certain dog stars in a lot of your photos. Tell us more about Mochi! Does she have any special talents?

Mochi smells like a baby. Is that a talent? She somehow never smells like a typical dog. I swear, one day she even smelled like coco puffs! She’s a quirky character that can make anyone melt given enough time. You could never tell, but a few years ago, we discovered she was born with a liver shunt. But she’s a trooper and doesn’t seem fazed by it. The little monster is still happy and energetic as ever. She loves to be my little shadow and photobombs any chance she gets.

#mywestelm Photographer of The Month: Grace Kim

What’s your philosohpy for traveling? It looks like you take some great trips.

I love to explore and try new things. I like to push myself out of my comfort zone, even if it can be scary at times. Unplanned adventures are challenging, but the idea of spontaneously going to a new place, getting lost, and discovering a hidden gem is what excites me.

#mywestelm Photographer of The Month: Grace Kim

If someone has just 1 day in Orange County, where should they go?

The Packing House is a landmark that recently reopened as a food hall. I was really impressed with the interior decorating of the space. It’s a great place to relax, eat good food, and listen to live music. I like to get the pistachio ice cream from Pop Bar, it’s my favorite.

Little Corona Del Mar Beach, aka Poppy State Beach, is the hidden gem of Orange County beaches in my opinion. It’s quietly tucked inside a residential area and is a little difficult to get to, but it’s worth it. The tide pools house tiny fish, corals, starfish, and other ocean life. This is the place I usually take out-of-state visitors and it never disappoints.

#mywestelm Photographer of The Month: Grace Kim

Why is Instagram so addictive, anyway? Any predictions on what you think will be the next thing on our phones that we can’t live without?

I personally find it fascinating to see snippets of someone’s life, personality, and perspective of the world. It’s nice to be able to share the simple pleasures of my life and know that others, from around the world, can enjoy them too. I’m not tech savvy, but I find myself searching for things I see on Instagram. If there was an easy way to shop for those items by merely clicking on them, wouldn’t that be great?

#mywestelm Photographer of The Month: Grace Kim

Who are some other Instagrammers that inspire you?

@tifforelie is a blogger that posts cozy photos and recipes. She makes me want to host parties every week.

@chrisozer is an amazing portrait photographer and the quality of his work incredible. I’m always excited to see what he will post next.

@thiswildidea posts hilarious photos of his dog. His photos are whimsical and clean. I just can’t get enough.

#mywestelm Photographer of The Month: Grace Kim

What is the most beloved object in your home right now?

My plants. This love of plants is new for me, as I always had a brown thumb. Cacti couldn’t even survive a month with me. But I’m finally able to keep them alive and it’s really rewarding. I’m constantly looking for planters to place in every possible corner of the house. I love that they bring warmth and an earthy vibe, to any space, while filtering the air. I can’t wait to get more!

#mywestelm Photographer of The Month: Grace Kim

For being chosen as the #mywestelm Photographer Of The Month, we’re sending Grace a $100 gift card!

Get inspired by real homes in the #mywestelm gallery, and show us how you use west elm in your space by tagging your Instagrams with #mywestelm.

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September 17, 2014

Aww~~ Mochi!v *^^*
Lovely pictures and lovely life~
you inspire me!


September 24, 2014

Beautiful photos!
Great shots and good use of space versus objects.

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