The Tiny Closet Challenge: Wardrobe Storage Ideas!

It’s every well-dressed apartment renter’s nightmare. What do you do when your apartment’s tiny closet doesn’t fit your clothes?

When Chloe reached-out to us on Twitter, we took her tiny closet challenge to a few of our Home Stylists for their advice!

Read for their tips to maximize your nonexistant closet space – helpful info for anyone with a fashionably small apt.

Mid-century dresser - The Tiny Closet Challenge: Wardrobe Storage Ideas!

“Put clothes everywhere! The trick is multi-tasking furniture. Use a wide dresser as a media console in your living room, and nobody will realize that your wardrobe is inside. Nightstands with drawers can also store smaller garments. If your bed doesn’t take up your whole room, you can push it a foot or two away from the wall and mount a curtain rod behind it to hang shirts or blouses. Hey, sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do for fashion!”

Colleen McCarthy, west elm Burlington

Clothing rack - The Tiny Closet Challenge: Wardrobe Storage Ideas!

Clothing racks can be a storage lifesaver. Get cute hangers and organize your wardrobe by color to make it visually appealing and to make choosing outfits easier. Thinking floor-to-ceiling increases your usable storage, too. Mount curtain rods to hang scarves, pashminas, belts, T’s, jewelry etc. How you organize your wardrobe becomes the decor!

Sandra Guzman, west elm Salt Lake City

The Tiny Closet Challenge: Wardrobe StorageStorage bed - The Tiny Closet ChallengeIdeas!

A bed with built-in storage should be your first option. It’s like adding an entire dresser without taking up any extra space. Hanging shoe racks on the back of a closet door is another classic space-saving move. And if you have a little room in your entryway, put it to work! Options like the Pipeline Hall Tree are great for storing folded + stacked clothing items, bags, and heavy coats.

Katherine Fellows, west elm Chicago

Hall rack - The Tiny Closet Challenge: Wardrobe Storage Ideas!

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September 4, 2014

I have two, very small, cabinet-type closets in a bedroom with no space for a dresser. I have room for a bed, an end table and a small chair. I also do not have a linen or coat closet. The bedroom closets are short, so there’s no space above the rods for anything. In one closet, I left the rod and put a hanging pocket on the inside of the door. I also put two small rolling bins in the bottom for shoes and purses. In the second closet i placed a plastic shelving system from the local home improvement store, and it contains folded sweaters, pants, and anything else that doesn’t require hanging. I also have a storage bed with drawers used for socks, underwear, bed linens and extra towels.


December 11, 2014

This blue rug is beautiful. What’s it called? Is it currently available at West Elm?

Jake Lemkowitz

December 11, 2014

Hi Jen, thanks for the rug love! Sadly, that particular rug was from a past season and has sold out. You can check-out all the blue rugs we DO currently carry here:

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