As soon as our clear Acrylic Trays hit Australia, we were besotted by their stylish simplicity. To really test out their versatility, we challenged 5 favourite Aussie bloggers to style one each. Their vignettes blew us away!

1. An Organised Desk by Miss Poppy Design

Acrylic Tray - Miss Poppy Design

Rachel from Melbourne-based boutique graphic design studio Miss Poppy Design transformed her acrylic tray into a glam desk organiser. These are her top tips for a stylish and functional tray:

– Include items of varying heights and keep the smaller items at the front 
– Stick to a single colour palette and experiment with textures
– Stack and layer items
– Keep it tidy and uncluttered

Read more tips here.

2. Afternoon Tea by Emma Duckworth

Tea Tray - Acrylic Tray - Emma Duckworth

Sydney-based stylist + interior decorator Emma Duckworth wowed us by whipping up this fragrant Lemon and Thyme Sponge Cake.

“What do I like most about this tray? Its versatility – it seamlessly integrates itself into whatever style you like. A winner in my book.”

Read more + get the recipe here.

3. Instant Party by Amy Moss

Party Tray - Acrylic Tray - Amy Moss

Melbourne-based graphic designer + blogger Amy Moss from Eat Drink Chic gave the tray a new purpose – as a fun-filled drinks station.

“I love mixing different materials when I style and, as the decor in our home is predominantly wood and ceramic, the clear acrylic adds a wonderful new element to the mix.”

See what else Amy came up with here.

4. Scent-erpiece by Eleanor Pendleton

Centerpiece - Acrylic Tray - Gritty Pretty 

Journalist + Editor Eleanor Pendleton from beauty website Gritty Pretty created a minimalist centrepiece of scented candles + flowers.

Read more here.

5. Zen-Inspired Vitrine by Cindy Chen

Display - Acrylic Tray - Cindy Chen

Inspired by the “zen-like” simplicity of the tray, Melbourne stylist + photographer Cindy Chen opted to create a showcase of her current favourite collectables in a neutral colourway.

“The tray has a simple and minimalist design and it’s clean lines fits perfectly with my style aesthetics. Today I’m using it as a display tray to showcase my current mood — a neutral palette. This palette has easily become my absolute favourite to work with. So calming and still, it’s almost zen-like.”

See more here.



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August 15, 2014

LOVE this tray! i have it on my coffee table now, but used it on my dining table here, too:

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