#mywestelm Photographer of The Month: Josh Bariuan

What makes interior photography stand out? For us, it’s any image that makes us yearn to be transported to that room at that very moment.

That’s why we noticed @joshuaraymund’s Instagrams. The way he styles + photographs his home makes it feel just as destination-worthy as the places he visits while traveling.

And of course we love seeing the way he styles his west elm pieces in the photos he tags with #mywestelm.

Read on to see more of Josh’s photos + get inspired by his interiors + discover his local San Diego picks + more!

#mywestelm Photographer of The Month: Josh Bariuan

#mywestelm Photographer of The Month: Josh Bariuan

How did you first start taking photos?

I actually didn’t pick up a camera and start taking photos until well into adulthood. I had a great teacher who taught me that there was more to photography than just learning how to take a good photo. It was about creating meaning to everything around me – capturing a moment and creating something beautiful. I began to appreciate all the simple things that I often took for granted; the way the afternoon light peeked in through the window, the subtle nuances in nature, patterns and symmetry in the built environment. I started to see the world in a completely different way because of photography.

#mywestelm Photographer of The Month: Josh Bariuan

Who are some other Instagrammers that inspire you?

@jelitodeleon is one of my favorites. I love his use of natural light and the simplicity in his photos. He’s able to capture such compelling moods through simple images.

@mrpaddingtonbear is another favorite. She’s crazy talented. Her images are flawless and all the little details are impeccable. She makes it look so easy!

@livscreams’ #groundcoffeeart is mind-blowingly amazing! Her art inspires me to perfect my craft and push the limits of creativity.

#mywestelm Photographer of The Month: Josh Bariuan

If someone has just 1 day in San Diego, where should they go?

The first thing on your agenda should be to grab some Mexican food. There’s a taco shop on almost every block out here, so you’ll have no problem finding one. The California burrito is a San Diego staple, and a true reflection of how local Mexican food has acculturated to the American palate. It’s a genius combination of carne asada (marinated meat), french fries, cheese, and salsa, all snugly wrapped in a warm flour tortilla. I like to take it to the next level and add guacamole, while dousing it in hot sauce.

Once you’ve had your fill of Mexican food, there’s no better way to end the day than with a beach sunset. There’s an array of amazing vantage points in San Diego, but my absolute favorite spot to catch the sunset is Sunset Cliffs. Once the sun hits the horizon, everyone quite literally stops in their tracks to enjoy the moment. It’s really amazing, and one of my favorite things to do out here.

#mywestelm Photographer of The Month: Josh Bariuan

What’s your favorite room in your home?

We love our kitchen. It’s nothing spectacular, but there’s something about the energy in the kitchen that makes me feel at home. We spend a lot of quality time with each other and our friends there – eating a meal or having drinks around the kitchen island. So many good times and great memories, it’s the place in our home where I’m the happiest.

#mywestelm Photographer of The Month: Josh Bariuan

For being chosen as the #mywestelm Photographer Of The Month, we’re sending Josh a $100 gift card!

Get inspired by real homes in the #mywestelm gallery, and show us how you use west elm in your space by tagging your Instagrams with #mywestelm.


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