One of our favourite Instagrammers in Australia is Melbourne-based photographer + stylist Cindy Chen, a.k.a @mrpaddingtonbear. Take a peek through her feed and you’ll see why! Inspiring travel narratives, artful vignettes and clean compositions of food instantly explain why she has amassed more than 90k followers – and counting.

Lucky for us, Cindy has spilled her secrets to foolproof photos on Instagram. Read on for 5 tips that will take your images to the next level.


1. Consider lighting

Familiarise yourself with shooting under different light situations to find what works for you. Note: natural lighting is always best.Taipei2

2. Discover your signature colour + tone

Think about colours and tones that you love and try to stick to a theme – both within a photo and across your feed.Great Wall Of Treasures2

3. Tell a story

Create compelling images by using subject matter that is meaningful to you and that your audience can easily relate to.Cat2

4. Consider texture + depth

Use everyday personal items such as a cup of coffee, tea towels, books, flowers in a vase or jewellery to help create a ‘lived-in’ element to your composition.923627_792407014126492_904738108_n

5. Repeat steps 1 to 4.

The more you practice, the better you get at it!


All photos by Cindy Chen, Melbourne- based freelance photographer, specialising in food and product styling and lifestyle photography. Connect with Cindy via Instagram and her blog.


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Jill Corbett

August 5, 2014

She truly has such an amazing feed! thank you for sharing these great tips!

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