From west elm creative director, Vanessa Holden:

Some of our favorite design projects involve working with families. New families expanding, older families downsizing, college students in dorms or recent graduates just starting out (or moving back in).

exterior gracie mansion nyc new york mayoral residence mayor deblasio family

That’s why we were so excited to work with Mayor Bill de Blasio, the First Family of New York City, and the Gracie Mansion Conservancy as the First Family embarks on their exciting move transitioning from a Park Slope row house to one of the most iconic homes in our city and the official residence of the Mayor of New York, Gracie Mansion. Built in 1799 overlooking the East River, Gracie Mansion is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The home is rich in history and design details, and while the public spaces of Gracie Mansion will remain unchanged, the family’s private rooms needed some thoughtful and purposeful consideration to make the residence comfortable for a modern family.

“Gracie Mansion will always be the People’s House, but Bill, Chiara, Dante, and I are excited to call it home. With assistance from West Elm, we are honoring and preserving one of the nation’s great historic residences, while turning Gracie into a modern living space that fits our family. We’ve moved to a new borough, but we brought some Brooklyn flavor with us.” — First Lady Chirlane McCray

The First Family’s move represents many of the same challenges all families are faced with – and some that are uniquely special (for one, as is well documented, the entire family is VERY tall). The family has two teenagers — son Dante is living at home full time and daughter Chiara is home often from college — a shared study for the Mayor and First Lady, common areas shared by the entire family as well as a more formal sitting room for visitors.

chirlane johanna Gracie Mansion DeBlasio New York City Residence west elm design home stylist

We paired First Lady Chirlane McCray with our lead Home Stylist in our Chelsea store, Johanna Mele, an expert in larger residence and mixed use design, to partner on the project. At our first meeting, the First Lady clearly laid out her priorities for the spaces. She wanted to maintain and highlight the integrity of the residence, while providing functionality for her family. She wanted rooms that reflected her children’s specific and individual styles, and a home that reflected their personal style as a family — approachable, livable, with a base of calming neutrals and accents of rich colors, natural and global influences.

west elm style gracie mansion deblasio mayor nyc new york design

“Gracie Mansion is an amazing home and the First Family will be able to bring their style to the space. There is so much history here that has inspired the design direction we took. We’re honored and excited to be working on the project.” — West Elm Home Stylist Johanna Mele

gracie mansion nyc first family west elm formal living room floral wall paper home stylist

We’re thrilled that our furniture and accessories will be donated to the Gracie Conservancy that will assist the de Blasio family to establish their new home and will remain in the historic residence for future First Families to use.

We’ll be sharing more photos + descriptions from the Gracie Mansion project on Front+Main!

vanessa holden west elm creative director
Vanessa Holden
West Elm Creative Director

West Elm’s complimentary Home Stylist program is a service available from all of our 59 locations. Home Stylists work with homeowners + renters to understand their design needs and help them to express their personal style + create a beautiful + functional home. For more information or to make an appointment at a store near you, visit our Design Lab.

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August 6, 2014

Beautiful and looks comfortable. It is a home to live in

wendy miller

August 6, 2014

I seriously need to know the names of the rugs in the photographs. My search for a new area rug has been going on all summer. Please tell. The color values in your catalog (online) and/or my monitor make it hard to tell which ones they are.


August 7, 2014

Hi Wendy — The rug in the more formal sitting room (with the amazing floral wallpaper) is our Jute Boucle (9×12) in Platinum. The rug in the attic/family room is our Jute Chenille Herringbone Rug (8×10) in Ivory. I hope that helps!

linda Heiliger

August 6, 2014


Could you tell me the name and brand of the exterior paint?


August 6, 2014

CONGRATULATIONS! What a great idea to have your home stylists work with the de Blasio family. I also love that they used the same designing service that I did.

Eduardo Garza

August 6, 2014

West Elm designs look so beautiful in this house!!!

Amy Donner

August 6, 2014

Most beautiful blend of modern and traditional ever done. Relaxing. Wonderful


August 6, 2014

Too bad the De Blasios couldn’t appreciate the wonderful antiques but worked out well for West Elm… they got bragging rights!


August 6, 2014

Does anyone actually USE poufs? They look so cluttered and uncomfortable to me. Can’t wait until they are out of style again. Otherwise, the house looks nice and timeless.


August 6, 2014

Muy bello, very beatifull

Dona Bronkie

August 6, 2014


Julia Fine

August 6, 2014

I am embarrassed for you and for the deBlasio’s! I have purchased items from you forever, so my comment doesn’t come from someone who doesn’t know your store. However, it is so tacky of your PR people to use the deBlasios and Gracie Mansion to sell anything! It was enough to have publicized the amount of your donation. For shame!


August 7, 2014

Hi Julia — As a 501c3 non-profit, the Gracie Conservancy is legally required to
disclose donor’s identities + the amount of the donation.

Debbie Ogle

August 6, 2014

I thought the home was very relaxed looking but also light & airy with a touch of elegance! Great Job West Elm .


August 6, 2014

Love the photo walls in the family room!


August 6, 2014

Love this room


August 6, 2014

Obviously the top one is West Elm. Is the bottom photo West Elm, too – or is it an original room? I’m confused. Two very different styles, both attractive, but are both makeovers?


August 7, 2014

These are two separate rooms within Gracie Mansion that west elm helped furnish. We will be sharing more photos + details of the specific rooms in the near future!


August 7, 2014

does west elm sell the poufs in the photo ? if so where ? i cant find them.


August 7, 2014

Yes we sell the poufs! These Found Thai Poufs were very popular and are currently sold out online. It is possible that there are some available from our retail stores. I suggest you contact your local store or customer service to find a store with a pouf in stock. Thanks!

Annette Meil

August 7, 2014

To clarify, Gracie Mansion address in the upper east side of Manhattan NYC: 88th Street and E End Ave, New York, NY 10028. This property is not in Brooklyn, NY. My son’s apartment is right near it and it is a lovely home. Yorkville is a lovely less visited area of New York and one that should be recognized.


August 7, 2014

Lovely use of of clean lines and contemporary furnishings as a counterpoint to grand historical architecture. Perfect!


August 7, 2014

so beautiful!

Amy M.

August 7, 2014

Great boycotting William Sonoma and Company. We grew up on Pottery Barn furnishing and respect the historical landmark but unfortunately do not see eye to eye on politics. We will not spend money to support any company who’s value and practice offend us indirectly.

mora suarez

August 8, 2014

what are the styles of the throw pillows used on the blue sofa in the more informal living room, specifically the blue print and orange


August 8, 2014

Hi Mora — The Orange is our Hand-Loomed Solid Silk Pillow (available in many colors) + the print is our new Hand-Loomed Diamond Pillow in Slate.


August 10, 2014

Love the poufs- are those West Elm? If not, could you still share the source?

victoria b

September 16, 2014

Awww- not stuffy, casual yet elegant.
Nicely done West Elm.

Christopher Ryckman

May 11, 2015

Can you please let me know the colors used to paint the exterior of the Gracie Mansion and the paint brand? I own the boyhood home of General Sherman in Lancaster, Ohio. It looks similar to the Gracie Mansion. We had it yellow and green 20 years ago and want to go back to it but there are so many shades. The house is listed as that of Senator Thomas Ewing if you want to see it. The Senator took Sherman as a boy after the death of the General’s father . I look forward to your response. Chris Ryckman


September 20, 2017

What is the name of the coffee tables? Thanks!

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